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Well, here we are again for another week of whatever the fuck it is I do here. Got a dentist appointment on Wednesday for a regular checkup I think, but hopefully nothing else. My cyst is still in the process of healing and if you’ve ever seen the film Slither it would probably remind you of some scenes from that. The mouse issue has been mostly cleared up, but the rain is still driving them into the house. Also the ongoing cleaning process continues with no sight of the end of the road. I bought so many plastic containers for things though. Everything will be in them by the time I’m done. In fact, I might just stick myself in one to maintain freshness. That’s about it as far as artist updates go.

If you’d like to support my ongoing work please use the links above. I’ll be back on Wednesday to say hello again as always. Until then, don’t let the bastards grind you down.


“Well, here we are again for another week of whatever the fuck it is I do here.”

I can say you make my Monday, Wednesday, and Friday considerably better! Really enjoy the comic!

I did a search for “how to build a working mousetrap from lego”. There were several results. Good luck.
cheers ~ulrich

I’m still amazed she gets to wear top to work. I mean, I wouldn’t complain, but I know corporate would.

Those are her civies. I know you’re referring to her short work shirt, but in this image she’s on her own time.

I see. I thought this conversation was her as she was leaving work to head home. I guess she could have brought clothes with her to change at work before leaving for home to change, that just seems odd to me. Then again, I obviously over-think things, so what do I know?

It is her going home. I worked with many people who would leave their work shirts at the store and just wear them as an overshirt, so it seemed normal to me, with no need for further explanation.

We have to wear long sleeves at work. 20 degrees or 100 degrees. Then we get posters and safety meetings talking about heat stress and heat stroke.

I wish I could say that I’ve never been curious about the idea of sealing myself into a tupperware container, but no such luck. Just remember to cut air holes, but that might interfere with the fresh lock seal… a conundrum…

Either way, have fun!

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