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I got a little off track tonight so I’ll keep it brief.

To who ever anonymously sent me that giant ass Lego set, thank you very much. You were wise to hide your identity to stop me from trying to reciprocate… Clever girl…

I’m off to the dentist today, so that’ll be… Fun?

If you want to help me pay to have my teeth looked at please use the links above. XD
Until next time, stay frosty.


.rorrim a ni ti ta kool ot dah ekoj emit dniwer eht evol

!taht ekil gniklat pots esaelP !WO

(Hee, hee, hee!) :D

(This one probably reads better, in your mirror):

!???? ??il ?ni?l?? qo?? ????l? !wo

Nope. This site didn’t like those characters.
(My luck is golden as always. Faw.) :)

A friend of mine, long ago, argued for mirror images and rotations to be included as diacritical marks in Unicode, but thd proposal was ridiculed and ignored. A pity. You could have used that. And mathematicians often turn operators upside down to indicate a different, but related operator.

.yako txet nwod-edispu dna drawkcab daer nac I

D: !werbeH ot detluafed saw gnittamrof eht erehw tpircsunam a gnitideypoc yrT

I had trouble with trying to read your “tpircsunam” phonetically. I hope nobody ever makes me say what I read, out loud. It’d be pretty embarrassing.

I didn’t have trouble with tpircsunam but gnitideypoc was confusing since I’m not used to that particular compound word, so I had a brain disconnect going from the y to the e, lol.

Is it just me, or is Nina putting on a little weight? Not that that’s a bad thing, she just is looking a little “hippy” compared to the fan-service Patreon link pic… :)

It’s an effect of the pose she’s doing, I think, coupled with her manner of dress. In the patreon link pic she’s facing more or less straight on with her legs pressed together, hunched forward, and is using a baggy shirt to remain barely decent, that hides a lot of her curves, both in posture/pose and clothing.

In panel 1, on the other hand, it’s a side view, with her forward facing leg bent upward, highlighting the curvature of her buttock, while her other leg is straight, this causes the hips to seem broader than they usually would, this effect is enhanced by low-rise jeans which also do a lot of work to highlight the curve of the hip.

Things like pose and camera angle can do a LOT of work to alter the apparent proportions of a woman’s body (I imagine probably on a man’s body as well, but admittedly I don’t pay as much attention to those so examples of this don’t spring to mind), this sort of visual trickery is often used in before and after pics to cause weight loss to appear much more dramatic in ads for fitness products (a lot of the time there isn’t even a real difference, the pics might even be taken 20 minutes apart, just change to more flattering clothes and change the pose to highlight different features and the same woman can appear tens of pounds lighter).

I’ve been reading this comic for 16 friggin’ years and never knew Nina and Thomas could do magic.

Holy Carp, really? Nobody’s gonna make the joke? So it’s gonna have to be me? Well OK then, here it goes!


Pretty sure I’ve said this more often than necessary, but your webcomic is my absolute favorite of all time, Jack! Looking forward to more of your shenanigans!

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