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I finally ended up at the doctor after at least a week of complaining about not feeling good.  I have an infection on the left side of my head in my sinuses and ear that’s spread itself around.  It’ll probably be better in a week, but I have antibiotics to take.  Apparently there’s nothing more wrong with me apart from being fat, out of shape, and middle aged.  So you’ll all have to suffer my storytelling for a while longer.

I’m finally going to get to see Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince.  It’s the first of the Potter films I wasn’t able to see in the theater.  I miss having the books to look forward to.  I enjoy the movies, but they pale by comparison to the theatre of the mind.  No video game has ever captured the magic of that world.  (I don’t think anyone gives a shit if that pun was intended or not.)  I keep hoping someone will figure out how to actually make a Harry Potter game worth playing, but I’ve all but given up hope on that one.

If it were up to me I’d like two more things before letting the franchise go: a decent comic adaptation, and an animated series that was painstakingly true to the books.  Ideally the comic would be drawn by a team of Japanese guys.  The story would remain true to the books, and there would be no sneaking in of random Japanishness.  It would be just Japanese enough to not be annoying, also black & white.  Excepting for maybe a couple of color pages at chapter starts.

The animation would be the same thing except in color, and animated.  I’m willing to tolerate Iron Man: Armored Adventure/Star Wars: The Clone Wars style CG animation if the animation industry crumbles (more than it already has…) before this dream is made a reality.

One final note, I think I’ll be in Garden on Wednesday next to see about maybe getting new glasses.  Those of you who know already know the drill.


Was that pun intended? I seem to care… it would be cool if it was…
Reggie is the albatross around the neck of that store! A jinx, the bane of , scourge of all the other characters! Don’t get rid of him! He’s too entertaining!

Well here’s 2 words to describe him: subconscious pyromaniac. Also puts a new spin on the next two: You’re Fired

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