1341 Ears.

I cant remember if I said that I went to the doctor again. I did, and my infection is doing better. My blood pressure is way down from where it was as well. I’m still having some problems with sitting in certain kinds of chairs and stuff, but I’m adapting to sitting, and working, on the floor. My left arm is going to be very strong from holding the tablet for hours at a time. It’s not heavy, but holding anything steady for long periods works the muscle. I hold it kind of like a palette. So it’s like I’m perpetually dipping in for paint. Makes me wish I could paint in these programs like Bob Ross. I’ve seen so many of those shows I bet I could paint a happy little landscape.

I got my Marth Amiibo from my friend. Along with Pit, mostly because I’ve never seen him in a store. I guess he’s in the wave that came out at the end of December, but I’ve only seen parts of that wave. No Captain Falcon, or Little Mac. I really loved Kid Icarus as a kid, so I definitely want Pit and Palutena, if they make her. I’d like to see him in a game a little truer to his roots as long as I’m at it. I didn’t hate Uprising, but I also never finished it. Fire Emblem is probably my most favorite Nintendo franchise, even though Marth wasn’t in a game I played till 3 or 4 games into the series. They started with Burning Sword, or something. Marth didn’t show up till the DS remake of the original game. It was an awesome remake though, so whatever. In game Marth is much better than Awkward Zombie Marth, who is a dick.

I’m really glad that Fire Emblem: Awakening saved the series. I looked like there might not be any more before it did so well. The fact that it might have been the last one is why it has so many weird fetures, like the dating and whatnot. It’s a collection of “we may never have another shot at this” ideas. It made it one of the most fun replayable games ever. The sales figures back that up.

If I had the power to do so, I would totally make a Fire Emblem clone based on the Julius Drywood stuff.


Wow. I suddenly want to see Reggie in a pair of cat ears and I’m certain I’ll be very upset if it doesn’t happen. Do it, Reggie! Take a walk on the wild side!

Help me Im imagining Reggie in some mouse ears and I CANT TAKE THE AMOUNT OF ADORABLE~
please oh lord king kuppa Deliver this furries wish to see Reggie- in some animal ears!!!
Im salivating…

Oh my goodness. Reggie is acting like a decent human. Pinch me I’m dreaming.

I know I’m like: “This is supposed to be Reggie, right?”

We’ve seen Reggie be a nice guy before, it’s just that’s he’s become rather dickish at work. This is one of the few times we’ve seen him off the clock, and I thinkbthe only time not at the store, interacting with people who aren’t his coworkers (this time being this whole arc)

I mean, she went and did all this research without him asking (or even knowing about the situation) has been quite compassionate about the situation and has been a voice of reason regarding past wrongs & “sins of the father” type stuff. Plus she’s actively welcoming him to their social gathering with no apparent snideness or personal-gain angle. This is the nicest we’ve seen anyone be to Reggie, and they only just met, so Reggie only has all this niceness to respond to, and despite his dickishness at work, we know he’s still human and fully capable of compassion & being a good guy (just not at work/with coworkers, for now [I am hoping he continues to mellow out and get back to the Reggie we saw in Jo’s flashback/story])

Also, I predict he’ll have ears, but I don’t think he’ll get cat ones. Either dog ears (probably floppy ones, like a hound) or possibly fox ears. Don’t know why, but I just imagine either of those would be the spare ears that would be sitting around.

If somehow things turn out in such a way that John and Reggie are at odds with each other over Alex… think I’ll be giddy beyond all reason.

Of course Alex already has her eyes set on John.

And then John misses out on the greatness that is Alex, only realizing what he could have had except he pushed it aside, and he will regret it forever…forever. FOUR. EVER.

Glad you’re feeling better, Jackie!

You write the best characters -so much depth to them- and I’m really loving this scene. Can’t wait to see where this is going.

I see it now. Alex and Reggie become friends, and she slowly guides him into competency. Her friendship with Reggie leads to a reconciliation with Brooksie for him. Friendship abounds. Thomas wonders where she went right, when he went wrong. Nina uses Reggie’s fascination with her to wiggle a place in the library, and becomes truly happy.

Waitaminit! Reggie in kitty ears? Waiting with bated breath.

@Jackie– Now your know how Vincent Van Gogh did his thing. Just don’t eat the paint (digital or not), and keep sharp objects away from your ears…

So let’s say I’ve been curious about Fire Emblem for a really long time, and I’m a huge fan of FFT which I’ve heard is in some ways similar. Let’s also suppose that I have access to emulation technology: what would be the best game for me to dive into the series with? Does the story progress over multiple games in such a way that I need to play the first game first?

The best place to start is Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, on the DS. It’s a remake of the original game, which establishes the mythos. It’s way better if you can access the Internet features though. I don’t know if an emulator can do that.

Alternately, Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones is the only game set outside the story of the larger series. ( Although, characters from it appear in Awakening.) so there’s no backstory to worry about.

The best game for pure gameplay is Awakening. It’s the most streamlined, and easiest to adapt to your style. Really though, if you play Shadow Dragon and then jump to awakening you’ll have the backstory you need to make Awakening make sense and can skip the harder to play through games.

Hmm I hadn’t considered online features. Maybe I’ll get a friend to loan me a DS, looks like I can find the game for about $30. Are you referring more to the battling or the shop? It seems the shop is no longer supported, and I’d imagine most fans moved on to different games for any multiplayer, right? Hmm. If the series sucks me in as it threatens to, I might just end up buying a 3DS. Probably a better long term investment.

I bet you could paint a happy little Carol and Alex and Brooksie complete with cat ears and doing adorable things with a ball of string, or a bowl of milk………..waddaya mean perverted- that’s a perfectly civil suggestion……..

I only ever wanted 3 Amiibos, of my favorite Smashers: Zelda, Mega Man, and Charizard. However, on Christmas, I got 5. Mario, Samus, Zelda, and 2 Links (|:/). I returned the spare Link. I heard Mega Man is coming out in a matter of weeks, with the same possibly for Charizard. I’m also kinda interested in Ike now too, as he is VERY fun to play, especially if you max his attack stat at 200. T.I.N.G (There Is No God) Ike is hilariously unfair. If I connect with a side-A smash, you will go flying or yer shield WILL break. Also I like his flow. It feels better than it did in Brawl. Maybe it has something to due with his new muscle mass. And one of his custom Side-B’s “Close Combat” makes it VERY easy to save himself, especially paired with the “Diagonal Aether” custom.

And there’s my Nintenerd-gasm for the page.

I did a double-take at my library;
There was an Alex look-a-like:
Short, buxom…
Her short hair (without the cat ears though) was even coloured the same shade.

Pretty please with sugar on top please let at least one of these cat ear wearing characters wear the ones that read your brain and MOVE. Think of all the new and fun/funny expressions that opens up on someone like say Joe? Its such a waste of an opportunity!

Well unless this comic is supposed to exist before the made them in which case I understand… but am still sad. TT


Of course if those were allowed in your world they might assimilate the whole cast… THE WHOLE WORLD!!


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