804 The Thing.

My dad doesn’t tell stories about his childhood very often, but every so often he drops one on us.  Tonight we were talking about another thing that was found to have been damaged by the lightening strike and he dropped on on us.

When he was little they had an old style box phone.  The kind with a hand crank and the microphone on a stalk that protruded from the front.  Just before dinner one evening, as he walked into the kitchen, lightening struck the phone lines and an arc of electricity jumped out of the microphone to the other side of the room.  His father was at the table already and his brother was bringing in dinner, so they all witnessed the event.

that would really have been something to see.


uhoh Reggie, Shit is gonna get real!
You’re ass is grass and she’s going to be the lawnmower!
Hope they have good life insurance where they work…Ninja Jo is going to sharpen her teeth!

This is, John warned Brooksie that Reggie doesn’t fight fair. She said she could take whatever Reggie could dish out.

Looks like we will see if she can.

Reggie – It’d be a lot easier to take you seriously if you’d speak like you weren’t a douchebag all the time.

I hate to be the grammar douche, but I believe the word you are looking for is “lightning” not “lightening.”
Lightning is the occurrence of a natural electrical discharge of very short duration and high voltage.
Lightening is the drop in the level of the uterus during the last weeks of pregnancy as the head of the fetus engages in the pelvis.

Even though you’re right, fuck you. If you hated being a douche you could have presented your information in a non douche way. Ergo, you enjoy being a douche on some level. Squid crow pro!

(Edit: This should be read in the manner of a southern lawyer.)

1. douche

A word to describe an individual who has shown themselves to be very brainless in one way or another, thus comparing them to the cleansing product for vaginas.

But yes…squid…squid all the way!

Forgive me, but what would have been the non douche way to present the information?

Damnit, that sounds douche-y too, depending how it is read.

Seriously, I am a fan of your work and did not mean to offend you so grievously. When I looked up lightening in my dictionary, that was the definition at the top. I found it amusing, so I shared.

You are a very clever fellow. If you weren’t, I wouldn’t have read 804 pages of your work. I wish I had enough gumption to create 804 pages of anything, much less something as funny as what you have created.

No worries, dude. I was just teasing. If my browser didn’t have built in spell check everything I write would be covered in errors. They get into the comic quite a bit too.

As far as I know there’s now way to correct someone without sounding like a douche if it’s just text. Inflection is just so important. You just have to accept that and go ahead on. XD

I’m glad you made it through all 800 and change worth of pages too. That’s worth at least 1000 gamerscore. X3

Now see, a grammar Nazi would have pointed out the mistake in a much nicer manner. Usually making a joke at their own expense for being a Grammar Nazi.
For example, Crave forgot to capitalize the first letter of the last sentence.
Hail Grammar!
(Also, the word lightening has a much simpler meaning than that. Did you have to go straight to something so squicky?)

If you look up lightening in the Dictionary widget on a mac, that will be the first definition given. Combine that with poor judgment on my part and voila!

I really see this conversation going to some pretty bad places for Brooksie if Reggie keeps up this line of verbal attack…Brooks’s got some spirit, but she seems to be the fragile type if you push the wrong buttons.

Also daaang, an electrical arc across the room? That’s an occurrence that sticks with you!

Yeah, Reginald, everyone else likes her how she is. And it’s a singularly bad idea to antagonize your ersatz supervisor. Particularly if you don’t want to learn a new and quite uncomfortable way to hold your bottle…

Reggie’s argument reminds me of certain people I’ve met–the ones who can be easily classified as “trying too hard.”

The obvious corollary to his point in the last panel, though, is that what other people think *does* matter because nine times out of ten they’re the ones punching and kicking you.

‘Self-motivating’ is usually not a good thing to do when you’re the new hire, especially if you’ve only been there for a week or two.
Making Brooksie upset is a horrible thing, and I intend to personally distort the fabric of reality to personally punch him.

All that is needed is a twitter post saying that he made her cry – The employees don’t have to do a thing, the customer/fan base will more than oblige in all sorts of creative and movie based ways.

This is certainly the part where we find out if Jo *can* take Reggie’s bullshit.

Then again, if all else fails, Jo can just go tell Nina and SHE can do what half of US want to.

Not that she has to… at this point a stark glare would probably make him piss himself. YAY NINA! YAY JO!

Sometime’s I can’t help but agree with Reggie. He says what’s on his mind, and that’s why I kind of him but he take’s some shit to far, and that when I want see how many of his teeth he can swallow down at once. So on his side right now, and I kind of like that he’s saying what he want’s to say and isn’t worryed about being ass while doing it is why he is seocond to Thomas in my opinion and I’m hopeing this well, or at least not to bad for him. And yes I know am a douch bag, jackass, or *insert insult here*.

Meh. I sorta agree with Reggie on this one, myself. Admittedly I’d be more likely to agree that Jo’s personality traits were endearing (or at least amusing) than annoying, but the man got a point, son. In essence, he isn’t everyone else, so their opinion on the matter has nothing to do with his. ‘Course he could have phrased it in a less squirt-bottle-full-of-vinegar-and-water kinda way…

i hate agreeing with reggie what with how much of a conksuck he is but hey thats whats up sometimes

To be fair it is kinda hypocritical of Jo to defend her right to be herself, and then suggest Reggie should be himself less.
And I say that as someone who finds her quirks adorable, but it’s truth sometimes ya gotta prioritize smooth communication, especially with someone known to have their own perception troubles.

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