805 Doctor Poo.

Dangit.  I just realized I forgot to draw Jo’s hairclip in the last frame.  Sumanimbotch…  I’ll get to that in a minute, I guess.  T^T

On the way to the store today I saw a really big dust devil rampaging across some people’s driveway.  It was dirt, so the thing was a huge cylinder of dust.  It was just about as wide as a small car and was spinning a big tree branch across the ground.  It almost looked like it was some kind of natural Dyson vacuum.  There were two kids in the yard watching the thing in complete awe.   It was kind of funny.  I wonder if it was the first time they ever saw one.  They were closer than I have ever been to one, that’s for sure.

When I was at the store they had an American release of Doctor Who, season 6 part one!  Kind of fitting for the page this goes with really.  It’s cool that we’re getting reasonably priced domestic releases.  I hadn’t heard about it so it was a total surprise; a pleasant one though.

I’m going to admit, however, that I don’t like this season as much as the previous ones in the new series.  I love Matt Smith as the Doctor, and I like the vibe of the show, but I kind of miss the dynamic of the Chris Eccelston / David Tennant years.  Matt Smith’s Doctor, and the season in general, remind me very much of classic Who that I’ve seen.  He is much more of a traditional portrayal of the Doctor than the two Doctors prior.  I’m not saying that I hate the new season, or even dislike it.  I just enjoyed the feel of the ones that came just before.  Of course I may change my tune at some point.  I am not the biggest fan of River Song.  As a character she’s not the kind of person that I can get along with easily.  at the same time a lot of the stuff concerning her is very clever and cool.  This season may well tie up her loose ends and I won’t have to see her so much anymore, or it may lead to a season of the Doctor wandering around the universe with his wife…  Which would not make me exactly happy.  Although I doubt seriously that I would really mind it very much.  I’m just not in love with River Song is all I’m saying.

If you are a fan of new Who I strongly suggest you Netflix some of the classic episodes.  Find yourself an old fan and ask what their favorites are.  I watched all the origins and regenerations, and all the crossovers.  Then I watched random recommendations.   In the end my favorite classic Doctor is #2.  Which is actually kind of awesome because Matt Smith reminds me very much of him.


Really? No comments yet? Huh… (that I see anyway, one could be madly typing their “first” thing or some such as I type)

Anyway, I do like Doctor Who, and I only JUST came into it. I was aware of it’s existance through mention from my parents, but when the new seasons started churning out, I really rather liked it! Been a long, loooong LOOOOOOOONG time since I’ve been scared of a statue so.

Speaking of which, I wanna make/get a giant stone weeping angel statue with movable arms! Why? So I can put it’s hands over it’s face one moment, move it somewhere and change it’s arms so it’s going rwar or something silly! Leave it in front of our house in the front yard… then at some point in the day, move it in front of the window, facing in, and prepped for… whatever it does to people.

Don’t bliiink~*

I liked Tenant. He just had this sorta out there in space kind of aura about him that reminded me of the better Tom Baker episodes.

That being said, beware the Doctor. He’ll get you sucked into Torchwood (loving the new simulatneous broadcast there), Red Dwarf, League of Gentlemen, or god only knows what other British series.

A few the Brits have done better than here: The office, Life on Mars, Anything involving Hercule Poirot or Miss Marple, and god only knows how many others. that being said, I liked our version of Queer as Folk better, so long as you remove the first and last season and replace them with a Star Wars esque scrolling marquee to lead you up to the real plot…

Wow I got sidetracked there.

Go Cap’n. Jack!

First British series I watched in entirety was AbFab. Thank you, Comdey Central! :)
I’ve seen bits and pieces of Life on Mars but I think I’ll like Ashes to Ashes more when I get to it and I haven’t seen any of the American Being Human. I kind of wonder about it but I don’t really care because the British one is so good.

I was the same way… I only started watching the 2005 series earlier this summer, but thanks to Netflix I sped through it fast. I’m still not sure which is scarier… the Weeping Angels or “Are you my mummy?”…. Mummy might just barely inch out in front.

I like the new season but, admittedly, while I saw a lot of the Eccelston stuff, I didn’t see that much of the David Tennant stuff. I really liked his episodes that I did see but I never did get to all of them or watch them in order, for that matter. I’ve loved the Matt Smith stuff, though the new season isn’t as fun for me and I … hate is a strong word… don’t like River, either. Never really have.

David Tennant rocks. he takes over Roddy MacDowall’s part (Peter Vincent) in the Fright Night remake. That’s 152% win right there. (Note on the win math: MacDowall also voiced the Mad Hatter on the Batman cartoon, Breadmaster in the Tick, and Ceasar and Cornelius in the original Planet of the Apes movies. That adds up to 113%, plus 39% for a former doctor who.)

Despite being British, I never got into Doctor Who. I always preferred to watch Red Dwarf or Blackadder.

Same. I’ve been meaning to watch Doctor Who–one of many, many series and movies I need to watch–but I wouldn’t be able to start from anywhere except the very beginning. And I ain’t doin’ that.

What must it be like, to live your life knowing that your very existence–even if you do nothing–causes disaster and misfortune?

Nah, Jo just didn’t fasten it well this morning. So when she got so pissed at Reggie’s incompetence and excuse-making, it simply flew off with a quick head turn. She’s just got to pick it up before her hair starts flying all over the place.

Get ‘im, Jo!

I’ve watched the original Dr.Who serial, and haven’t really gotten past that… I have tons of older stuff I need to see for newer stuff (and now there’s a new Thundercats, so I’ll have to re-watch seasons 3&4 of the original… it never ends!).

I enjoyed it, for various reasons, and I know tons of people who love it, especially the newest stuff… but for me I have a lot of catching up to do before I can get time to watch that as opposed to prep-for-new-stuff-history.

@crave…retcon the fact that the skull headpiece actually has a knife blade or something in it and she took it out off frame as it were:P yay loophole patches <3

the doctor solves problems those he makes and those he stumbles upon. and reggie just causes a multitude of problems and makes those he stumbles upon worse

I’ve always found the damage Reggie causes slightly impressive. I think most of the assholes I know would be a lot funnier to be around if they had accidents like Reggie. The best part is that he’s not doing it on purpose and that it embarrasses him. It’s pretty nice to see him lose control when most of the time he thinks he’s got such a tight-assed grip on everything.

I started watching Doctor Who starting with the 2005 series after I catching a couple commercials on BBCAmerica and finally giving in to my Whovian friends. I will say that if I was forced to choose, my favorite is David Tennant just for his energy and presence, but I do like Matt Smith. I even like River Song, maybe because I got through most of her episodes within about a week.

Woo hoo! This is the first time we’ve really seen Our Miss Brooks seriously steamed at someone. Reggie took a cheap shot at her and got it back with interest.

My Mom would say Reggie is an accident looking for a place to happen. My military-techie friends would refer to him as Jackass Joe, the S.O.B. who always busts stuff, then slinks away so he won’t get the blame.

Now, Who were we talking about…? My favorite is still Tom Baker, although I remember watching the Jon Pertwee Who in it’s initial U.S. release. I guess that kind of dates me.

Reggie – Being thirsty is no big deal. Leaving your post WITHOUT TELLING YOUR SUPERVISOR WHERE YOU’RE GOING – THAT’S a big deal.

And Reggie is so universally disliked that even bringing a bottle for Brooksie isn’t going to make her forgive him.

I love the title, btw. I have a shirt of Winnie the Pooh, wearing the hat and scarf, with the Tom Baker style logo saying; “Doctor Pooh.” I have a photo of myself, wearing it, posing with Winnie the Pooh!

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