1237 Congo.

I always get Diane Fossey and Jane Goodall mixed up. Which is why this comic is called Congo and not John Goodall. I don’t suppose it really matters one way or the other to the average person. Their research has not had any strong bearing on my life. Not that I’m aware of anyway. Of course its nearly impossible to know the value of data as time moves forward. Research on apes may be quite important and I’m simply ignorant of it.

On another note, if you ever want to read a sad story, read about Diane Fossey. Her life ended tragically and, in my opinion, her will was not properly honored. I could be wrong about that as well. We can chalk that up to ignorance too if it comes to it.

The other day I started randomly looking up software for the WiiU. I tend to get games published cross platform on the 360, and to wait a long time to do that. I noticed, however, that third party games on the WiiU are a lot cheaper, even new. I assume because people hate the WiiU. I don’t hate the WiiU, and I don’t feel like I have to play Assasin’s Creed: Black Flag on the 360. Not that I intend to right now, but as an example. Anyway, I mention this because the Teen plays a lot of Call Of Duty: Black Opps 2: Zombies: Electric Boogaloo. Because of this I have developed a taste for ONLY this game mode. The problem is that CODBO2 is still popular and expensive on the 360… On the WiiU it was $10. So I ordered that shit.


Oh my god!! A glimpse of her eyes!

Eyes are a treacherous thing. If you can see an object, it can “see” you. If you can’t see an object, it can’t “see” you.

She might be really good with her whiskers, but sometimes you just want to see where you’re going if you got a functional set of peepers.

Of course, I’m explaining webcomic physics, which is kind of a fruitless endeavor, anyway. Especially since it’s not my webcomic.

Church: Caboose! Get out of there, they can see you!
Caboose: They can’t see me. I can’t see them!

Rather like the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal:

“This creature is so mind-bogglingly stupid that it assumes that if one cannot see it, then it cannot see said person.”

–Hitchhiker Wikia

“Natural, and potentially sexy environment”. I am going to use that. I don’t know when, and I don’t know how but goddamnit I am going to find a way to use that.

Fossey studied gorillas. Goodall studies chimpanzees. Gorillas in the Mist was Fossey, of course, and she did meet a tragic end. Interestingly enough, Dr. Louis Leakey was instrumental in both of their lives and studies. Which links it back to the roots of humanity.

Interesting, I think… but not everyone shares those interests, and that’s all right.

Birut? Galdikas is a Lithuanian Primatologist born in Germany and naturalized in Canada. She has studied Orangutans, primarily in Borneo, for more than forty years. Dr. Galdikas is the third of Dr. Louis Leakey’s “Trimates” of women studying the great primates.

Dr. Galdikas turned 68 this month, and today she looks like an aging academic. Trust me, when she was on the cover of National Geographic in October, 1975, she was hot.

I actually have the same problem with Goodall and Fossey. My girlfriend in high school was really into Fossey, and it wasn’t until recently I realised I’d conflated them into one person somewhere along the way.

Can we focus more on the potentially creepy factor of Alex’s eyes for just a minute? Good lord, the glimpse of her eyes is enough to send shudders up my spine. Also I agree with John. If I had not been to an anime convention ever in my life, I too would be curious to see a furry in their natural habitat.

Am I missing something here? I don’t see Alex’ eyes at all in this episode. All I see is the shadow under her hair. Now, John has giant anime eyes in the first panel (I guess he’s trying to puppy-dog her). And yes, as @Caliban stated, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen her eyes.

John is a closet furry, calling it.

But what kind of furry would he be!? Is he a wolf? A tiger? A bear?
Or maybe he’s more of a rodent like a mouse or a rabbit?
Or one of the aquatics! A dolphin, maybe? Reptile, like a crocodile or chameleon?!
Is he Griffindor or is he Slitherin!? Oh the possibilities!

Don’t remember who Dianne Fossey is… but Jane Goodall… she wrote the Elsa books! Who cares about gorillas! We gots books about pet lions!

…..mmmm nope. Looks like I got confused, too. Ha ha!
Now we’re all confused.

Ah. You were thinking of the Adamsons, Joy and George. They predated Jane Goodall by many years; George was born in 1906, Joy in 1910. Both were, like Dian Fossey, murdered as a result of their work.

Virginia McKenna (OBE) played Joy Adamson in the film version of Born Free; her real-life husband Bill Travers played George. There’s a nice and recent image of Ms. McKenna on the linked page. I can’t for the life of me figure out what she’s holding, except I know it isn’t a mushroom. Or a snake.

Wait. I don’t know the story, but the implication is these people were murdered because of their work?

The only other thing I can consider is if indigenous people murdered her for some other reason.

If I made a terrible grammatical mistake, please forgive me. I proof-read this post, sure. The magnitude of some of the mistakes I almost made has me wondering if something else isn’t going to get through.

Seriously, “indigenous” was almost “indigioness”.
“Murdered” was almost “merdered”.
“Her” was almost “you”.

Dian Fossey and Joy and George Adamson were all murdered by indigenous poachers (“bush meat” hunters) in separate incidents. The murders were in reprisal for interfering with the poachers. Joy Adamson was killed by a former employee who turned poacher; George Adamson was killed in Kenya protecting a tourist from poachers.

I just realized that by your definition of “fringe” furries, anyone who likes the Starfox series could qualify.

Fans of Starfox are like the prototype of furries. Over time they all become obsessed with Fox, Chrystal, or Falco.

I want you to write a book about your views on human behavior, because I would read the hell out of it.

The comic is kind of that already. I just fill all the edges with this weird drama and stuff. XD

I honestly just enjoy talking to you about this crazy stuff. Your wisdom about things significant and insignificant is a much appreciated bright spot in my day.

Furries are odd for sure but also some of the nicest nerds you’ll ever meet assholes are not tolerated long in there packs

Oh my god, I think she almost had an eye there.

I still think John is trying to be a dick but for all we know he’s actually secretly a furry or… Fur-curious or something.

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