1298 A Successor To The Professor.

I got these phone charms of the minish cap Link and the bad guy and hung them on my 3DS. It urns out that they make perfect stabilizers when playing Smash Brothers if you thread them through your fingers. They also match my 3DS, so that’s fun. All the guys are unlocked in my game now, although I mostly play as Nina… I played online late last night and things went well. Very little lag. Once the new wears off maybe the servers will be able to handle the traffic better during the day.

The new Skylanders game is out. This time I’ve had enough. There’s at least 8 new big ones, 8 regular ones, I suspect 8 lightcore ones, 8 traps, and probably 8 mini skylander sets. That’s just the minimum number of figures for there to be one of each type for each element. I know there are at least 3 of each element of the regular guys. I think there’s a chance that this game is the one that breaks the franchise. Unless the gameplay is significantly improved we’re heading for a guitar hero scenario no matter how you look at it. Especially with Disney and Nintendo entering the collectible peripheral market too. I will eventually get the game. But I’m limiting purchases significantly. I don’t know how many remake characters are in the mix, but those are right out. It’s all too much.

The Teen is working on yet another poster. Her school’s strange obsession with posters continues to amaze my family. The ridiculous busywork they vomit onto those kids is insane. So far the only thing that these projects have taught her is that A) you should never rely on anyone else in a group assignment situation, and B) 75% of the people in the world are just a drain on our resources. So… I guess they have managed to teach her the most important lessons you can ever learn. Well played, terrible American school system. Well played.

As far as I go, there’s still a lot I need to get done. Including some writing and some comicing. So I should get back to that.


Y’know if he weren’t such a nice guy I’d swear Thomas was a super villain. I fear what would happen to the world if he decided to use his terrible powers for evil.


This page shows a little bit of why Thomas is my favorite character. Well done, Sir.

Did you pick up a gearshift, crave? I got her because the gear is my emblem [and megaman’s apparently] and she has a gear chakram! How cool is that!!

She was not available at the location I visited. I allowed myself to purchase Torch and that was it.

That sucks dude. I think I can still get an extra if you really want her.

I’m sure there will be more around at some point. I’ve noticed that they rarely run out of Skylanders. I appreciate the offer though.

It’s SUPPOSED to be preorder exclusive. Meaning you had to preorder her to get one, at least that’s what I understood, only reason I preordered her.

Well, if you think she won’t be available later you can try to get one for me. I have a suspicion that they won’t go the whole run without releasing her though. I’m good for it either way.

Oh, yes. It’s good to be bad

Thomas needs to work on his, “Muah-hah-hah!” He’s certainly deserved it.

10/90 rule … EVERY … time. 10% of the people in the world do 90% of the work. 10% of the people in the world own 90% of everything. 10% of students earn the other 90% their grades, either explicitly or implicitly.

“10% of the people in the world do 90% of the work.”
“10% of the people in the world own 90% of everything.”

I wouldn’t even mind so much if it wasn’t mostly different ten percents.

The Teen’s school is nothing unique. I’m convinced that most schools in the U.S. now have a charter that prevents them from actually teaching anything. Math, Science, English and History are an ongoing mystery. Students graduate with no concept of how to survive in the Real World. They have no clue how to get or hold a job, the concept of living to a budget is beyond them, they can’t even make change. They are given no work skills, which is okay, since they developed no work ethic, either.

The few that get through school with some sort of real education are the ones who bust their butts and take the Advanced Placement classes or study independently. My Niece turned 16 last month and started her Junior year. She’s ready to take on just about anything that comes along, but then she’s a top-percentile performer and the school couldn’t push her into that ‘normal’ programmed-to-fail mold.

I have to think that The Teen’s assignments go hand-in-hand with the ‘No Child Left Behind’ concept. The schools are Teaching to the Test and giving kids ‘social promotions’ to keep them with their groups rather than holding back the ones who need to study more. Yes, it’s busy work, but it’s also pretty hard to fail a kid in Poster-Making 101.

…which is one of the main reasons I chose to home-school my kids, even though it caused quite a bit of angst with my parents (both of whom were elementary school educators and administrators.) Honestly, if I could have found a school that was like the one my father ran, I would have seriously considered allowing my children to attend.

As it is, my kids kick ass in the workplace (compared to their peers) without breaking a sweat.

I agree with Perfesser Bear.

Everyone has likely heard, “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.” Borrowing from that concept, I say, “Teach a child a task, they will learn how to complete that task. Teach a child to think, they can learn how to do anything.”

The school system of the past 30, 40, maybe even 50 or more years, has been designed to program children instead of teaching them how to think for themselves and acquire a lifelong passion for learning. Even if you don’t decide to be a writer from your English classes, or a mathemetician from your Math classes, at least you will have the basic skills necessary to figure out what you can do, or would like to learn how to do, so that you can be a productive member of society. And if you don’t have the knowledge or skills necessary, then you should not be coerced into racking up a pile of debt to attain a 4-year degree. Trade schools are just as valid for attaining an education as universities and colleges.

If you haven’t guessed, I’ve aligned myself to the Mike Rowe school of thought. ;)

“Don’t follow your passion, but always bring it with you.”

Ah but here’s another proverb: build a man a fire, keep him warm for a night, set a man on fire keep him warm for the rest of his life.

but seriously, schools are regurgitation, not understanding. You don’t need to understand why 5+4=, or why

Stupid phone. As I was saying
You don’t need to know why 5+4=9, or why 3+6=9,all you need to do is reguritate that that is infact a thing. You don’t need to know WHY colombus found the americas, just that he did. In 1892. You don’t need to know why the earth goes around the sun, just that it takes 365 days, and that it does.

schools suck always will. This new math thing they started is making kids hate math even more.

That “New Math” has those of us who actually use higher level math every day scratching our heads [and some of us just want to punch those puffed up posers right in the face]

Have you ever brought a sample set of new math homework questions to a teacher and insisted they answer the questions right there on the spot? I can guarantee that a vast majority will have no clue what you are talking about or get the deer in the headlights look.
Most grade school teachers NEVER had to take math at a post-secondary level and quite a few could not calculate and then make exact change even if their lived depended on it.

What we are getting are educators [tm] instead of instructors and teachers.

Oh yes. Many times in highschool. They’d give us 45 problems and insist we should be done in less than half an hour. I bring in the ones I didn’t understand and ask how they solved it, it takes a good 5 minutes per problem without the teacher’s guide, at which point I point out that 5 times 45 is not less than 30. Maybe they shouldn’t be teaching math, I also brought this up to the principal and vice principal with recordings of the teacher claiming a low time and taking a large time to do it themselves. I refused to do homework unless the teacher could do it in the time they claimed it could be done in. Almost never did the math.

“You don’t need to know WHY colombus found the americas, just that he did. In 1892.”

Um, in 1892, my Grand Dad was living in Columbus, Ohio, learning that Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492… But I get your point (even if your phone’s auto-correct [mal]function doesn’t).

Yes 1492. Makes my point even better. I never actually learned it. I regurgatated the information I needed, never thought about it again. I retained nothing. See what I mean? Schools are useless today.

Don’t mean to criticize (yet here I am…), but panel 3 would’ve been a really cool place to end this strip-with the rest in the next. There you go. Unsolicited advice on how to make the cool cooler (from someone with absolutely no grasp of cool).

The problem with that is that then the next page has too much going on. You’re seeing this from the perspective of the waiting page rather than as a complete scene.

Well excuse me for thinking there was more to Reggie than just being a jerk. I think Reggie could run the place he just needs to learn to play nice with the other employees. A good mangier knows your workers need you and you need your workers.

You phrase that as is someone is attacking you for having that opinion. I know it’s fun to play at being downtrodden, but there are many people who like Reggie just fine, and think he’s been mistreated several times.

Thanks for pointing that out, did not mean to make it sound like I was being attacked. For what ever reason I tend to like the characters that nobody else likes. So I quite often get flack for it. Though I am enjoying seeing my two favorites working together. Edward and Reggie this should be good.

Is something different about this panel? Did you change fonts? Or something about the art style…everything looks a little faster, sleeker. OR MAYBE I’M JUST CRAZY.

I love Thomas in this page, It shows a bit of his evil genius side.

Also, How did you unlock Nina? I’m having trouble collecting all of the fighters so far. (Also, That daytime lag is awful.)

Not quite relevant to the present situation with Ed, but after re-reading the archive and catching up, I had kind of a revelation. I had always been on the fence of team carol or team nina, but now I am firmly in camp carol.

You know, maybe its the 80’s in me kicking in, but Thomas reminds me of a jaded Zack Morris. He was kinda my hero growing up, I think thomas is what Zack would have been if he was a character from 20 years later

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