1297 Syndrome.

I stole that first panel straight out of a porn comic. Just so you know. Learning is fun!

The next colored page of the Carol/Thomas muffintop comic should be up on Patreon by the time you read this. Hopefully I don’t forget. Nina, as we all know by now, is the sidebar link for that.

Smash bros is cool, but Nintendo doesn’t have the servers prepared at all. It’s a laggy mess. Really disappointing after how well Mario Kart 8 seemed to work. That said, I’ll still add you up if you want to throw down.

I am now watching more monster high with the teen.


I have to admit, I’m kinda curious how that first panel would work in a porn comic. “Allow me to deeply ponder this orgy before it begins” -_o

it happens more often than you think.

“Blonde, Brunette, Redhead? Or Redhead, Blonde, Brunette?”

No, no, no. Triplets with three different hair colors. Go in the order of either ‘blonde, redhead, brunette,’ or ‘brunette, redhead, blonde.’ That way, it’s like your going so hard, you’re either taking or putting in the color in the same girls hair.

Sm4sh isn’t nearly as laggy as it was with SSBB… I’m guessing you don’t have the recommended 5/5 internet or some such? Lots of people sitting at 1meg up are hurting, it seems?

just wondering am I the only one who likes Reggie?

I like what he has the potential to become, but like Jo I REALLY don’t like how he acts on a panel to panel basis.

I don’t dislike Reggie, just the things he does. He’s just trying really hard, but going about it in incredibly awkward/condescending/or just plain wrong ways (at least the memorable times are like this, probably just as many uneventful happenings that don’t get mentioned because they’re uneventful)

The story of the fire shows he used to be a lot better with interpersonal dealings, but that perceived betrayal kinda broke him.

Crave, I WILL be contacting you when I get SmashBros for 3DS. Namely cause I think you’re awesome, & I’d be fun, but also because I need to punish you for my Brooksie x John feels. >:o)

Bring it on.

I have acquired this “Smash Bros” on my 3DS, and finally got online play to work (well, glory 1v1 at least)

Would FC’s be exchanged on the comments here, or through some other means?

My FC is on my twitter profile, since I don’t have it handy. You can leave yours here as long as you add mine it will work as soon as I add it.

Cool beans.

White Rice: 3523-2244-3668
If anyone else on here puts up their FC, I’ll be more than happy to add to my potential opponents :-D

By “stole that first panel straight out of a porn comic”, do you mean poses, dialogue, or both?

Or were your characters just in some porn comic for some reason and you just took that panel whole and used it here, the head, the tail, the whole damn thing?

Soooo, I’ve officially caught up with the serious, and may have a slight obsession. Including looking for everyone’s ear number XD. However even more than I crave the answer to all the hidden quirks in your art style, I want gear! Like a T-shirt or something to adequately show my appreciation of this comic XD is there any hope of such item(s) existing now or in the future?

Love the first panel. I think it could make a good add, too.

“I stole that first panel straight out of a porn comic.”

A great artist steals, indeed. Ha! Kudos, good sir.

Does this admission also reveal a deep psychological need for acknowledgement (and praise) for said misdeeds?

Are you… a Supervillian?

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