1296 Allegedly.

Oh Thomas, you’re such a douche. XD

First of all, I’ll be getting the next chapter of Julius Drywood and the Wandering King out soon for patrons. For now they’ll have to make due with some extra comic pages. I did 4 pages for the Muffintop anthology in black and white. Since that whole thing has likely sold as many as it’s going to (and I already got paid…) I decided to color the pages and present them to Patrons. I was pressed for time when I made the pages, so I just used a side story I was going to use in the comic, rather than actually bothering to make up new faces. It’s just Carol and Thomas being cute and Carol being hot. Thomas isn’t being nearly as hot… Maybe I should do that sometime. Anyway, as far as the story goes I’ll probably release it for everybody when it’s closer to done. It’s actually kind of a mess right now. Patrons are getting a pretty gritty look at it. If you want in on that sweet action you can click on Nina in the sidebar.

For everyone else there are some wallpapers from the previous page in the underblog. I hope some of you enjoy them.

Tonight at midnight is Smash Bros 3DS time… I’m pretty excited. Smash on a handheld is one of those dreams that Nerdtendos have has since Smash on the N64. At this point I already know that most of you are not 3DS owners, but anyone who hasn’t added me to their friends list already should certainly feel free to leave their friend code now. The 100 person limit means I have to rotate out players from time to time, but if you’re playing what I’m playing at any given time I’ll add you up. 3909-7997-3526

I can’t think of anything else particularly interesting to talk about at the moment. Also the Teen is hanging all over me trying to get me to play Zombies. I’m giving in and I’ll get back to work after, I guess. I’m going to have to buy her some more DLC at some point. We’ve played the western map about a billion times. It really sucks that it takes a couple of days to download anything for that system. Buh. whatever. Anyway, I’ll see you guys later. Have a good weekend!


Because Reggie does have all the answers! How are people not understanding this!?

1907-9557-8390. Dropped the F.C. will bring the Smash all day long!

Oh how I wish to know what silver-tongued words were whispered in Reggie’s ears…

All things considered, I think most of the “silver words” were captured in strips 1281-1284. I’m sure Thomas could have said a few things after 1284, but seriously, the most important things he needed to say to manipulate Reggie were already said by that point in my opinion.

Let me just say, being a patron, and getting sweet sweet early releases of Julius Drywood, is one of the finest pleasures in my life.


I can’t tell if I am gloating or promoting.

I might be gloating.

It’s pretty sweet.

The opener is an unusual view of Ed; it makes our Mr. Lincoln look almost as tall as Old Abe. Well, it makes his shoes look humongous, anyway. Boring-@$$ Trivia Warning: Abraham Lincoln was only 56 years old when he accidentally got in the way of J. Wilkes Booth’s inadvertent discharge. That makes him the fourth-youngest President at time of death. ┬ór@p, that makes me feel old.

If you want in on that sweet action you can click on Nina in the sidebar.

I’d click Nina anywhere she wanted me to, but but that is probably sexual herassment or something…

Well, seeing as how starved she is, any advances from handsome men will be met with an unbridled zeal. Theoretically, of course.

My friend code is 0920-1881-7307. I play Smash and Pokemon X mainly, and I’ll certainly go a few rounds on Smash if you want to. Or have a Pokemon battle, if you prefer.

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