1295 With An E.

Well, there you go. I honestly can’t remember if anyone guessed this particular outcome clearly enough to be called a psychic, but I don’t think anyone did. Where is this all going!? Places probably. All the places. Join me, won’t you?

One of my favorite podcasters went to prison for wire fraud… It’s super disappointing on a lot of levels. Brian Dunning of Skeptoid if you feel like looking it up. It’s super betrayed times all up in here. I mean, it’s a white collar crime, and not something that particularly makes me angry, but still…

Right now I’m having TV time with the Teen. Before that I was trying to get some inking done before TV time swooped down on me. We aren’t watching Monster High. I have, however, seen a few Monster High specials. They’re okay, but some of their puns are too sloppy for my liking. I like a tight pun, kids. You know that.

The Teen has an infected toenail. It’s gross, much like she is. Seriously though, we may have to take her to the doctor over this one. She doesn’t have Ebola, that I know of, but I’m going to cost her in plastic, just in case. Also I may light her on fire. Just to be sure…


So, am I just missing something or was that name reveal supposed to mean something to us readers? It’s been a while since I’ve read the whole comic through, so I might just be missing the importance of it.

Talk about dropping the baseline on a otherwise bland orchestration! (Figuratively, of course–this comic has yet to be dull, in my opinion.)

Boothe. Just friggen Boothe. I bet his scrawny arse is writhing in his sleep.

I think someone guessed the Boothes might be the party responsible for the deaths, not the ones in the cemetery.

I’m going to assume it is somewhat difficult for a murdered family to change their names so you’re probably on to something.

I was just making a statement about someone else’s guess.

Considering the current generations of Boothes we have seen, it would have been a logical assumption the ones in the past would have been perpatrators rather than victims. I actually am rather happy with that not being the case here, it keeps the mystery going.

I would also recommend dousing the Teen in bleach and also maybe covering her in bubble wrap to be safe.

The bubble wrap is of course so she’ll be too distracted to murder you after you’ve covered her in plastic and doused her in chemicals and lit her on fire.

I think maybe the setting on fire thing may be a little excessive, but then again, I’m just a lowly college student

I was going to suggest cutting away any really acky tissue with a freshly-boiled knife, draining the goop (hypodermic needle works, or you can just pry the nail up) and then wrapping the toe in kitchen roll soaked in whisky. Change that every hour for a day and it should soak out most of the crud and leave a much cleaner wound that can heal.

Alternatively, get some medical maggots in there to just EAT the infected and dead tissue for her.

Trust me. I’m a molecular biologist.

I literally JUST realized there was a comments section. Damn. Totally feel like an idiot now. Also a bit sad cause this was my first guess, and I have no proof. Oh well. Shite shall go down now, I expect. To which I say: Eeeeexcelllent


Next you’re going to tell me he’s the descendant of John Wilkes Boothe.

Impossible, the family died out through all known lines… Or did they?!

Yes… Yes they did.

Ah, an infected toenail. I recommend getting some hot water (as hot as the teen can stand), then soaking the toe in the water. Do this every day or so. Once done and dry, put antibiotic ointment on the toe.

An excellent suggestion. It’ll help bring stuff to the surface, so to speak. I’d also advise you hose that shit down with Neosporin/similar, then leave it uncovered; bandages won’t help, might even make things worse. Give it as much airtime as possible, the dryer it stays, the better.

Stuff like this name reveal makes me continue to enjoy this comic and keeps me coming back. Nicely done. Can’t wait to see how this all plays out. Especially when you reveal the name of the other people who wound up with the Boothe estate, and who had to leave and Anglicize their own surname due to the suspicion of killing the Boothes who had the estate in the first place. It’s becoming quite an interesting story.

I had to google the name in relation to your comic. I’m not sure what this means. But it must be something important.

You don’t know what the name means? Or you don’t know what it means that you had to Google one of the most hated/beloved (love to hate? Hate to love?) characters in the comic?

Wait. Wait wait wait… Boothe’s are the dead family? or Boothe’s are the family that were thought to have killed the dead family?

Yessir, it be happenin’ naow.

Love Jo’s expression, the dropped butt and the seriously F‘ed up smoke tendrils in the last panel.

So the family that anglicized their surname and moved away — the killer’s family — may be one of the happy crew at the Megatainment store. That leaves Weasel Asel out — he still has a Germanic surname. Ed and Jessica are Judge Lincoln’s kids. Judges usually come from fairly well-to-do families. Could it be…?

(Should that be “changed their name and slunk away?”)


Did not see that coming. Good reveal, with appropriate reaction panel. Just… DAYUMN

As for the infected toenail, I do recommend seeing a doctor. Don’t liberally apply antibiotic on it; if the bacteria in question doesn’t die out, it will develop a resistance and be that much harder to deal with. At the hospital I’m studying right now there’s a rampant airway infection going around because somebody started using antibiotics and never followed it up, so now we have the Dr. Doom of bacteria running around the place whooping like a maniac.

Keep the bubblewrap on hand just in case. I’ll send a tub of acid too, on the house. Just scrub that all over the house, make sure you get all of ’em. Trust me on this one, I’m a doctor*.

* May not actually be a doctor. Do not trust anything this man says. If you know his whereabouts, please let the nearest authorities know of them.

OK, so it was obvious that the most English name was Blackwell way back in the first partial reveal and I’m sticking with that for the Black family whose waters run deep. (they probably poisoned that families well water!) So as to get credit for it later, since we seem to be keeping score, I will clearly state: Murdering, land grabbing family is the Blackwell family which moved back for some oddball reason. “J” in his name probably comes from the murdering bastard and that is why he uses Thomas.

Alex I think knows about the Blackwell connection at least cause she is only revealing names when its dug out of her despite happily spilling the rest. There is not a lot of reason I can think of for her to hold on to these juicy story bits unless she thinks it will cause bad blood here in the present.

I mistakenly thought Graves was the murdered family cause well not only does it sound great but this would be the most fun between lovers. But I was probably wrong, writing wise, cause Carol wouldn’t be the sort to get hung up over some old family connection to a tragedy. So I see now that Reggie would be the type to make a big deal of old family business. Being screwed over in this way may be what transformed the family until we have the aggressive money makers we see now. The fact I didn’t see this before explains why I should only be a reader and not a writer…

Probably the way that Thomas will mend fences will be to work with Jo to make a movie revealing the truth to the world! Or at least the 15 townspeople they can get to watch it at some film festival sponsored by the store.

Then Jackie will sell the rights to make a real life movie about the store that mended hearts by making a movie! The girl who plays Jo will absorb her spirit and use it to rule the world!!! MUWAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hmm, yes I can see this being used as a font of Reggie drama. I can totally see him as being one to take personally an event that happened between Thomas’s ancestors and family that’s of little to no relation to him. For maximum drama, it’d be after he comes around and stops being a douche, thus transforming him into a tragic misanthrope, as opposed to the douchey misanthrope he is now, though it must be noted he is somewhat less douchey now.

It should also be noted that between the author’s comments and details in the narrative it can be concluded that there are no extant descendants of the unmarked grave family, which I think our Observer may have missed. (fringe reference?)

I’m having trouble locating anywhere in the narrative that says no other branches of the murdered family exist so the property owning branch dies and the other branch can’t afford to pay off the debt so the land is sold is still on the table as far as I can tell.

The only comment the author makes on THIS page of comments relating to descendants was referring to someone else’s comment about Reggie being related to the famous assassin “John Wilkes Booth”. If you mean Jackie’s comment on some other page you will have to direct me to it. But I kind of doubt it since Jackie LIKES it when we get all excited with our plot and conspiracy discussions and would be unlikely to clear anything up prematurely and deflate the energy he just built up.

Nope I just liked the sound of the name Observer ages ago and still occasionally use it when the system allows. (sadly its very popular so I can’t often get it for systems like my MMO’s etc… )

can we please get a full size wallpaper for that last shot of Jolene with the cig dropping out of her mouth

Thank You For Your Work Here I Appreciate The Wallpaper

What the hell is with the 10:19 post time i wrote that at 12:21. I dont want to be the guy that makes more work for you but if it turns out to be a problem I’d rather you knew first.

or you could just be half way around the world from Arkansas i don’t know. Also does anyone comment on old comics after new ones are put up and how do you track that. also i might forget i even wrote this here.

The website tells me when a new comment is posted. People comment on old pages all the time. Responses are less likely the further back you go. I moderate all the comments that aren’t marked as spam.

First panel is awesome. Her pose with the backdrop and dialogue line up perfectly.

The colors for the night sky are gorgeous.

The neat little wisps off of Brook’s cigarette are a cool, little touch.

Another beautiful page.


Poor, poor Reggie. Why do I feel this will lead to bad times for him?

I once new of a small U.S. town, where a few of them were total jerks. A group of them hated ANYONE who moved into a certain house.

You see: before the civil war, a man lived in the house, + he accidentally burned up some of the town’s historical records. Many in the town were so mad at losing their records, that they hated him, but they also hated anybody that moved into his house, after he’d moved out of the house. The hate goes with the house.
Some people in small towns act like total jerks.

Hm. Reggie’s ancestors maybe did a murder(s)? Interesting. I’m guessing that he wouldn’t be happy with that crime, if it really happened.

No they got murdered.

“…He accidentally burned up some of the town’s historical records.

OMG, maybe he was one of Reggie’s ancestors?

[ Sincere laughter follows]: Ha hah ha ha ha! :)

To tell the truth, I’ve forgotten the guy’s name. In real life, The “burning records guy” might be a Boothe! I dunno.
That’s too funny, Perfesser Bear! Thanks. :D

Jo just went Dramatic Squirrel on us.


I just realized Reggie’s last name was Boothe, in the process I noticed Ed’s last name was Lincoln. I suddenly realize the source of their animosity.

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