I know you are anxious about returning to the main story ark and I would love that at some point too, but if it eases a bit your anxiety, I for one am really enjoying the puppet-arc as well. =)

Puppets are dated, even more so than card games. Still having fun though.

Nah, they’re not dated. They’re retro. You see a puppet pop up, first thing you think is “Muppet!”. At least until you realize it’s not a Muppet. But by then, you’re still willing to give it a chance.

God bless Jim Henson.

I believe Jim Hensen were he still among us would actually approve of the phrase “Felt Job.” Man had a great sense of humor just like you Jackie

Loving the puppets. Also, relevant character growth for Ed, taking snark and anger and turning it into an outlet with a net positive effect. (at least, that’s what it looks like to me) Anywhere a non-trivial character has growth is “main” storyline in my mind.

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