1231 Do It Right.

Tonight was an extremne rule PPV on the WWE network. It wasn’t very extreme though. It’s been a long time since the WWE has been into really extreme things. I don’t think participants want to do themselves, or others, the kind of bodily harm that extreme wrestling causes. There aren’t a lot of people willing to potentially sacrifice their health for the sport the way a Mick Foley happily would. Honestly I can’t fault them for feeling that way. That said, old school extreme rules was a lot of fun to watch. Now it just promises things that it can’t, or won’t, deliver.

In other WWE news they actually had a decent Divas match for a change. It’s starting to look like they are shifting the diva thing away from eye candy and back to competitors again. I prefer those eras. A bunch of lame catfighting does not make an interesting match and the internet kind of defeats the need for sexy women strutting around, unless you’re too young to use it. Most of the divas have pretty small builds, but there are a few that look like they could convincingly wrestle superstars. I was never a fan of Chyna, but she was a welcome addition to the shows. She added color in a good way, and she could wrestle the crap out of a lot of dudes.

For the record, so I don’t get comments about it, I know the outcomes are staged. It’s just a soap opera of punching. But you still have to be physically capable and skilled to make it look convincing. It’s the same thing as watching an acrobat. It’s about showmanship. also, sometimes they punch clowns, which I like. I hope they get a new clown character someday so that he can be punched. Fucking clowns…


Hehehehe, she’s gunna jump your bones John. I don’t think the spirits are going to be the only ones howling in those houses…

I thought Extreme Rules was a pretty good show, even if it wasn’t an IWA-MS King of the Death Matches show.

I was expecting the Divas match to be good. Tamina is living up to her father’s legacy, and Paige is showing her pedigree as well. Her mother, Sweet Saraya Knight is a vicious hellcat who reminds me of a female version of William Regal. I’ve seen Paige wrestle at a Shimmer show up in Chicago before she went to NXT, and she was solid then. She looks good now, can take bumps like you wouldn’t believe, and is a wonderful technician.

Several of the other matches on the show were great too, even if they weren’t EXTREEEEEEEME! I’ve never been a fan of garbage matches anyway, so I was overall satisfied.

Well, SOMEone’s feeling a bit more confident. And also, Crave, I both understand and empathize with your apparent dislike of clowns. Clowns are creepy as hell.

I agree with your WWE opinion.
It’s not about the fight.

The selling factors are the choreography, the presentation, the music, the backstage, the silly stories and the hard work everyone of them do to have bodies like that.

Excellent comic as always.

I haven’t watched much wrestling of this type. People who say “it’s fake” are not being very specific, though. If they’re thinking the whole thing is fake, I would invite them to jump in the ring some time and ask them how they feel about those hits.

Her personality has taken a strong turn… maybe John’s probings have angered the spirits and they have possessed his girlfriend!

John: She’s not my girlfriend. I find her interesting because she’s a good researcher and because she sleeps above her covers. Four feet above her covers! She barks, she drools, she claws…

I think she’s just gaining more confidence with him as time goes on, I rather like it.

She pretty much set her sights the first time she laid eyes on him. She is being methodical. I am under the impression her confidence level hasn’t really changed much.

My memory is telling me that John already stated he wasn’t really into Alex. I don’t remember if a reason was given. She has probably read between the lines to know that she will have to work for some candy this time.

I get the feeling that she realizes it will be harder for her because she’s quite fat, but she’s one of those people who owns her weight. She is willing to put in the effort to get people to look past her body.

What I don’t have enough information to speculate on is whether or not she wants a relationship, or just a fling. Based on what we have been given, I’m leaning towards a fling, but I’m not willing to make a bet.

(* cue dramatic music *)
Pay attention, folks; this must be an important turning point, because we just saw Alex’ eyes!.

Well, one of ’em, anyway.

It’s blue.

Finally. I was beginning to think I was the only one who noticed that, which would be ridiculous, considering how long y’all’ve been waiting. And is it just me, or are there a disproportionately large number of characters with uncommon eye colors?

I feel like her confident spike is coming off of the wave of “I AM REALLY FUCKING GOOD AT BOOKS”. Anyone talking about stuff they know is confident.

Unless their material is boring, esoteric, or just plain hard to understand.

Story of my life.

She already knew John was interested in haunted houses, so she did a little research to give him what he wants, so maybe she can get what she wants.

I think that it would also be a good idea if WWE managed to save some of the more extreme moves for ER. As an example, a few months back on Raw, my jaw dropped when I saw Cody Rhodes moonsault from the top of the cage in a steel cage match. Yeah, it might not be as extreme as some of the more old-school extreme stuff, but that’s a pretty damn dangerous -and- spectactular move, and Cody’s certainly amongst the people that’s willing to do dangerous and spectacular moves (he’s also got some good mic skills, and it breaks my heart that he’s still not gotten a major A-list push).

And there’s the thing. In my opinion, it’s a bit weird that WWE schedules that kind of stuff for the free shows, when they could and should save it for PPVs. Because having people talk about how this PPV had that awesome move would at worst become something to distract people if there were horrible bookings and/or storylines going on (see: This year’s Royal Rumble). And at best, these moments would improve already good shows into being great.

A soap opera with punching…yeah, that’s effectively how my friend describes it (and, knowing that, he’s able to enjoy it for the stunt-show it is)

Never again will we get an Exploding-barbed-wire-of-death match.

And anyone worth doing right is worth doing again… and again… and so on.

The insurance policy is dual purpose, John m’dear.

Tune in next time when we hear Alex say “You know, in the Library of Congress system, sex is filed under HQ.”

Ive always liked clowns since I was a kid, although I identify more with the sad ones as they more accurately show the human condition, unlike those overbearing cheerful ones that try too hard to make you laugh, those I can understand punching.

As a Texan, people talking casually about driving to other states still sounds really weird to me.

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