1232 Vast Power.

Honestly, what’s the point of power if you can’t misuse it?

Summer is fast approaching and the Teen is already lobbying for some kind of super happy summer fun time. She still lives in a glorious world of no consequences, where money and time flow like blood from a fallen enemy. Her suggestions have been troubling. The distances she is willing to travel for what, in my opinion, amounts to no payoff are pretty impressive.

In addition to her extensive travel plans she is also tabling plans for construction projects. Included in these are a pool, and a volleyball net. The net is actually doable. It falls within my limited range of funds, time, and skills. The pool does too, but unfortunately there’s no water to be had in this area. Our well has been dry for a while now. In addition to that even if we had well water it might well be toxic. It can’t be consumed, that’s for sure. She has suggested filling the hypothetical pool, by bucket, from the house, but I feel like she doesn’t truly grasp how much water it takes to fill a pool. I don’t fancy the idea of becoming the summer fun time bucket brigade…

Her family was very different from mine. They were, and still in some ways are, concerned above all else with having fun. To the detriment of other aspects of life. Which is not to say that fun is bad, but as with anything moderation is key. That said, I’ve never been much for most types of fun. Which is likely why I will die alone.


If you’ve got a hose, you could get another hose and put them together. Repeat process as many times as necessary until one end of said franken-hose reaches said pool. If you’re set on not having too much fun (which I get on a deeply seeded level) you could always brush up on CPR and Mouth-to-Mouth resuscitation and basic first-aid. You could take good care of the chemicals and filter (which trust me is apparently super no fun according to everyone I’ve ever tried to talk into a pool.) Or you could enact a reasonable clearly posted set of pool rules. Followed by obnoxious amounts of sun screen and safety gear. Also don’t forget about that weird 30 minute swimming after eating rule… which may be an old wives tale or something.

Just sayin’….

as a guy whose family owns a pool, i can concur with the above, as well as it takes forever to fill the pool via hose, doing this by bucket would be highly impractical. the franken hose could work pretty well so long as it would be going downhill or level, i’m not sure this would work going uphill, probably still better than buckets. you also have to consider how to keep it clean via leaves/animals/bugs. we have had frogs in our pool pretty much every time we reopen it for summer, though we do live near natural slightly-wetlands. theres also emptying it for after the summer which could add a pretty big chunk to the water bill every time you have to refill it, though, to be honest, i’m not entirely sure how the closing process works. oh, as for the inside lining of the pool, you should use smooth, not rough, texture. i’d used a rough one before and i’ve still got scars on my hands from that XD

Got up to date on Questionable Content and he sent he here. Gotta say, his has become my new favorite. I would have complimented earlier but this happened 3 days ago and I’ve only put it down to sleep, eat, and work. Can’t wait for more, sadly now I have to.

Well, I hope the waiting isn’t too much for you. I’m pleased to know you enjoyed my work so much. Thanks for trying it out.

I suppose you could use power to protect the weak and inact change in a cruel and corrupt society…… NAH! Get back to re-painting my house maggots!

She could sell that online as a product. Seeing how thorough she is and the family business and all she probably already has that in the works if she has all the permissions from the witnesses etc… Or maybe she is waiting till she and her bo “investigate” all these sites so she can add that in to the book and have him in the credits to further tie them both together!

She may come in handy for the movie project as long as Jo can keep her from taking it over…

I understand your issues with fun. Fun rarely happens to me if I seek it out.
Also pools hold no interest for me. I never learned to swim and I’m buoyant like rocks in a meat suit.

Also I love your “where money and time flow like blood from a fallen enemy” statement. That’s perfect.

“I never learned to swim and I’m buoyant like rocks in a meat suit.”

Shame on you, @Christopher, shame – on – you. Thanks to you, I almost nose-sprayed pretty darned good coffee all over my keyboard!

“The possession of great power necessarily implies great responsibility.”

–William Lamb

Yeah, I know, but Stan Lee dumbed it down for the Great Unwashed. Hey, smart is sexy, and powerful women are hot. Even if they’re on the — er — fluffy side.

From those to whom much is given, much shall be required.” That-or something rather like it is from the Bible. Tell me Stan Lee didn’t rework that. That or spiderman was prophesied long ago.

You could try filling up a kiddie pool. Those aren’t too hard to get full. My mom and I used one during the summer for our rabbits, to keep them cool in the Kansas summer heat. They hated it, but it kept them from getting heat stroke.

So I know everyone is saying she’s Carol jr, but I feel like Alex really has her own style of awesome in a way that’s quite different from Carol.

Don’t know where you are precisely (for if farm or garden stores abound) but if straw bales are available to you and tarps are available to you, you can have a hose-filled pool whenever you like. It’s not elegant but it has the benefit of being eminently recyclable and movable, and eco-friendly (you can move it around your lawn, even, and each time you move it water a different section of lawn).

https://www.pinterest.com/explore/hay-bale-pool/ shows some images or you can of course google it. Still time-consuming to fill, but much less so than a ‘real’ or full-sized pool, and much, much cheaper. It also has the advantage that you can reduce mosquito populations due to it by moving it around periodically in this way; less standing water for them to breed in.

Holy crap this is downright genius! How is it I’ve lived in Kansas my whole life and NEVER SEEN ONE OF THESE?!

Haha. :D I actually only found out about them, believe it or not, because of reading a news article about a farmer in Ireland, of all places, who had a geep born on his farm (goat/sheep crossbreed). There were some pictures of ‘related stories’ which showed one of these pools and I went ‘wtf why have I not seen this before’.

Thereupon I decided this summer on my farm here in the PNW if I want to cool off, darnit, I WILL DO THIS THING. The hard part will be keeping the geese and ducks out and from crapping in it.

Ah, hedonism. The age old belief that life is best lived by indulging in whatever pursuit it is that brings you happiness. Tempered only by we few Epicureans and our insane belief that more pleasure can be gotten from a source by moderation than by trying to squeeze every last bit of fun out of a source before moving on to the next, probably more intense source. Of course, we followers of the Sage do admit to believing in moderation in ALL things (including moderation). I once tried to prove moderation was better mathematically. Seems I may have misplaced a decimal point, and my measurement scale of fun units (I named them W.C.s, after the whoopee cushion) were somewhat arbitrary, and may have stacked the odds in my favor. My math professor failed it, but my Engish professor moved me to a creative writing course and gave it an A.

Moderation still rocks, although in a somewhat understated and harder to pinpoint manner.

How are you getting water at all if your well’s dry? If you have city water, why do you have a well? We had a problem here with the well motor burning up one side of the contacts on the pressure switch- a new one would only last a couple weeks. So now, one side of the pressure switch contacts attach to a dual solid state relay and a car battery, and the power wires go through the relay. (was using a 9 volt battery, but you had to replace that about once a week.) Pretty sure a well man’s first words upon seeing this conglomeration would be, “What the —-!”

The well water and the city water is toxic. You can’t drink it. We buy our drinking water from stations in local towns. The well water is for showers and the yard. If you drink it you get cancer.

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