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I almost forgot to load the page tonight because my brain decided it was yesterday about halfway though the day. I didn’t sleep for shit last night & it really muddled me today. Also, I finally sorted out the BS with my Cpap supplies but on of the masks had a hole in. Now I have to try and get a credit for a faulty mask. I just know that’s going to be a disaster, but since they charge so much for these things I’m not about to give them a free pass on this. It took almost 2 months to sort out my paperwork for the last thing. What a mess healthcare and insurance is in America…


I tried dating the dead once.

The experience left me feeling stiff.

And yes, health insurance is indeed a mess in the US. The biggest problem is that there are entirely too many contributing problems to the mess that you can’t fix any one of them without making three others worse.

The root cause is that the system is for-profit at its core.

There is Health Insurance instead of Health Care where the insurance industry is calling the shots on who lives or dies and how miserable your life can be despite having zero medical qualifications. They do have an MBA and their pay is predicated on not paying out but to continue to collect those sweet sweet premiums. Then there is the backdoor deals and kickbacks and bribery resulting in requiring approved vendors and equipment that are at the lowest end of acceptability, if that. It’s enough to make a Ferengi throw up their hands in disgust.

Mind all the other issues with the system, no mater what part you are talking about from clinics to pharmaceuticals, reduces down to the statement – Your money or your life –

A ghost making themselves not-insubstantial may be kind of a problem, for certain erotic pleasures.
Man! having to worry about getting E.D., from beyond the grave! :(

Yeah, I’ve seen large medical bills.
Another area that bothers me is court + legal costs.
A friend of mine had to go see a lawyer, + the average price [just to SEE and talk to someone, at that law firm], was about $430 usd an HOUR!
How does anyone afford to get sick, or go to court, in our nation today?

It’s one way to keep the poor under control. Very hard to get quality medical care, very hard to see or talk to a lawyer about things. Can’t win in court against people who can afford a battery of lawyers if you can’t afford one. Health “Care” is similar. If your too sick, it’s cheaper for them to let you die, then use propaganda to convince middle class people that it’s your fault you died because you didn’t work hard enough to afford a 600,000 dollar medical bill that insurance didn’t cover

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