If it’s any consolation, Jackie… I can’t dance worth a shit, and I’ve never been able to get myself to do it. Because despite the phrase “Dance like nobody’s watching”… I know that -I- am watching.. and will mock myself relentlessly for looking like an idiot. *sips from mug*


Where do you come from? Where do you go?
Where do you come from, Cotton-eyed Joe?

I see you’ve met the spider that lives in my bedroom.
I named it cotton-eyed Joe because it made me ask two very important questions:

1) Where did you come from?


I relate to the description so hard, some people I know are trying to convince me to LARP with them, how am I supposed to explain that that just makes me hideously uncomfortable?

I don’t like to see myself on camera nor do I want to hear myself on audio. I look like a tool and I sound like a tool and I’m starting to think that maybe I AM a tool!

But I’d rather be a hammer than a nail.
Yes I would, if I only could, I surely would.
I rather appear a tool and be a fool,
Yes I would, if I only could, I surely would.

I hate autocorrect. If I type “your” it changes to “you u”.
And now i discover that it sometimes changes “than” to “and”.
I’m turning it off.

Tried to type, “Eres tu alla?” which I believe is “Are you there? in Spanish. Phone kept correcting it to Eres tu Allah? Are you Allah? All those people didn’t wreck texting, they wrecked while fighting autocorrect. That would be embarrassing on a gravestone.

Had to do a double take. First read the word “Cringey” and thought it said “Ghost Adventures with Zak Bagans.”
My eyes must be going.

Seriously, that sounds like a lot of fun.

Please- you or anybody, write the story of, ” The Ghost Adventures with Zak Bagans”.

That would be fun to read! :D

Why read when you can watch?

*rap my own forehead*

I can watch the Zak Bagans thing, because it is a real thing.
If I searched for Z B, I’d find he’s a real guy, with a real show.
*admonishes myself* – Search engines can be a useful thing, TRA. :D

Oh for goodness’ sake, Carol. Just drag him off into a dark room already. Much better use of your time and energy.

…Just then, Thomas says: “Come into this storeroom with ME, Carol!
I want to give you a “Scooby snack”!

I dont think this is “performative”. This is “conversing when you believe you’re alone”.

I seen science that says talking even to a tree is therapeutic. I know talking to an infant is helpful definitely, expedient possibly, critical even potentially. But I can’t… I couldn’t. It’s … not talking back. What do you say?

(and they’re different because I definitely don’t have the same reaction to performance or quote unquote public speaking)

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