1924 Doctor Disrespect.

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I ordered a used copy of Tetris DX & it arrived in fine condition. It seems to have been largely unplayed. Many modes didn’t have any data saved to them and the ones that did had very low scores. As far as I can tell the internal battery seems to be in working order from lack of use. I’ve never seen one of these internal batteries last over 15 years, but I don’t think it’s outside of possibility with limited use. The battery in my original copy of Legend Of Zelda lasted for at least a decade. Possibly longer, but I didn’t keep careful track since th game can be completed so quickly it hardly mattered. I’m not sure about my copy of Final Fantasy 3 (6) which I saved tons of times on. It’s a shame that you can’t transfer old data into new games. I had at least one perfect save on my old pak. The SNES version of FF6 is hardly the best in many ways, but it does load sound properly whereas the disk versions that were ported later don’t. Anyway, Tetris DX is going to be able to do the only thing I care about, which is playing tetris with slightly upgraded graphics. I always turn the music off, so the new soundtrack doesn’t matter to me. I will say that the new soundtrack isn’t very good. I like the colored tetrominos though.

I was looking for a copy of the old instruction booklet to see what the various game modes did and stuff and found out that there’s a very dedicated community of people who analyze various aspects of all versions of Tetris. It’s very interesting how dedicated they are to the ins and outs of the game mechanics.

I was sitting here listening to a video while doing other stuff & noticed something that has been happening more often. Sometimes, when I’m watching informational videos particularly, after the speaker says something I repeat it to myself in my head, almost like an echo. Not always , but sometimes, and usually when I’m feeling tired. It’s not something that used to happen, and I can’t find anything about it online because I don’t know how to describe it in a way that search engines can parse. There’s also the problem of tons of medical “diarrhea sites” shat all over the internet in a cloying attempt to get ad revenue. It’s odd and unnerving but it’s also sort of like having a song stuck in my head. Except the words don’t repeat the way it does with songs. They just sort of get repeated one time. I think of them later sometimes, but it’s not the same as that musical repetition you get with an earworm.
I think it’s safe to say that my insomnia, anxiety, and everything else have slowly damaged my cognitive functions as I’ve gotten older. Which points to actual physical damage being done over time. I know I don’t think as fast as I did when I was young partially because I’ve trained myself not to think because I can’t handle the constant stream of it the way I was able to when I was younger. It also seems like I’ve just slowed down from age, depression over time, or a combination of the two. I’m still pretty clever in a pinch but it’s not the fountain it once was. As someone who has always felt like my intelligence was the base of my value as a person it’s really quite depressing to realize that it’s beginning to wane. There are likely a multitude of factors all contributing to this “brain drain”, some I can control, and some I can’t. I really miss the constant spark of creativity I couldn’t contain even 5 years ago. It’s more like an ember now and that truly, deeply, hurts. What am I without the ability or will to create? Useless. Nothing. How chilling it is to think that I could run out of everything that makes me who I am.


I can sympathize with both Mike and Thomas, we had someone that liked to poop in the sinks when I worked janitorial at a Walmart.

Never had a serial pooper at my store.

We had isolated instances of:
Filling a glass on the shelf with piss,
Painting messages on the walls with feces, and
Grabbing a carton of eggs and walking down the aisles throwing eggs over the shelves into other aisles,
but never a serial pooper.

Grammar issue on panel 4, should be “Maybe I just didn’t notice stuff in other places.”, not “Maybe I just didn’t notice stuff >>it<< in other places."

An alternate option would be to remove the word ‘stuff’ from that sentence so it reads, “Maybe I just didn’t notice it in other places.”

“Maybe I just didn’t notice stuff in other places.” feels like it could use a ‘that’ inserted into it, so it reads, “Maybe I just didn’t notice that stuff in other places.”

Up to you, Jackie, regarding how you decide to fix it.

I’m sorry to hear that you aren’t feeling as sharp as you used to. I hope that it’s “all in your head” and maybe one day you will just start feeling better.

One thing I would like to recommend: get some flax oil in your diet. Or fish oil if you’d rather, really any Omega 3 oil. At least 95% of people in the USA don’t get enough Omega 3 in their diets… and it’s important! It’s called an “essential oil” because your body needs it but can’t make it. If you don’t have enough Omega 3 in your diet, your body tries to make do with other kinds of dietary fats, but they don’t work as well. And lack of Omega 3 contributes to depression, plus Omega 3 is important for nerves and brain function. You can get it by eating fish, or fish oil, but my wife and I buy flax oil and put it in food. I have oatmeal for breakfast and stir in the flax oil.

There are several kinds of Omega 3 oil you can buy, with a confusing set of letters: “contains ALA! contains DHA!” Good news: your body can convert Omega 3 from one of those to another of those as needed, so as long as you are eating enough you don’t need to worry about which letter codes you are eating. I personally prefer the flax oil over fish oil because the fish oil tastes bad to me. (After swallowing the capsules I burp up a fishy taste into my mouth. Yuck. Flax oil, no problem; it’s not super delicious but I’m used to it now and have grown to somewhat like having it in my food.)

The following URL is for a list of 17 health benefits of Omega 3. Number 10 is literally “can fight age related mental decline”. I don’t think it’s so much that it fights it, as that the decline is caused by your body needing the Omega 3 and not having it; when the body has enough of it your brain works better.


Another thing: please take vitamins, including Vitamin D. Not having enough Vitamin D can also lead to depression. Your body makes Vitamin D from sunlight, but I imagine you don’t spend very much of your life out in the sun, so getting it from supplements is a very good idea. My doctor told me to take double the official daily recommendation of Vitamin D, especially during the short days of winter.

I seriously wonder if many of the afflictions of old age are actually deficiency diseases. We found out that Vitamin C is essential for life because after a few months without it, people (famously, sailors) got sick. I’m wondering if there are vitamins and/or nutrients where if you don’t have them, you very slowly get sick, not over months but over many years. It may help explain why some people do so well in old age while others don’t. So I urge you to err on the side of taking more vitamins and eating more Omega 3 oils.

There used to be Omega 3 truffles: dark chocolate with a fluffy chocolate center, made with flax oil. Now that was a painless way to add Omega 3 to your diet, I’ll tell you! Two problems: 0) they were expensive; 1) they aren’t sold anymore that I can find.

Finally, please keep in mind: your comic is a source of real joy in my life and others’. If you are depressed, please remember that you have lots of fans who appreciate your work. Seriously, thank you for making one of my favorite comics.

Well said, steveha!

It’s practically criminal how poor the American diet is in successive generations, and a lot of it has to do with the “one size fits all” approach to health. The sad truth is that everyone is biologically unique in their requirements, even within families, and so what’s good for mom is not necessarily good for dad or son or daughter. There may be overlapping food, environmental & chemical sensititivites based on genetic heritage, but it’s rare that it will be identical. I didn’t realize this until my doctor recommended an ALCAT blood test on me and compared it to the results my mother had; my list of sensitivites was four times as long and only overlapped on a couple of things, with a couple of my non-reactive foods being on her mild to moderate sensitivity list and vice versa. Once I adjusted my diet it reduced my overall inflamation, which helped me to lose some weight (~40lbs) and generally feel better. I still have my off days and need to exercise more, but at least now I have a guide to help me.

TL;DR Nutrition is a research intensive project, but finding what you need to survive and live a better life is ultimately worth the effort.

Okay this has to be Jackie entering the realm of hyper fantasy comedy, right? I just can’t believe someone actually….doing that
I had some little girls who accidentally pee’d on the floor but jfc, poop? What the hell

People are some of the nastiest and craziest critters on this earth.
They consume poisons and like it – Nicotine, Ethanol, Capsaicin, mouldy or rotten substances – heck they will eat “anything” that does not outright kill them on the spot.
They will do “anything” that can be counter to their survival “just because”.

If you want to see crazy on an ongoing basis then look up “Florida Man” and his partner in crazy “Florida Woman” in the news feeds. Be warned, this stuff is not safe for your faith in humanity or the future of humans as a species.

I can only tell you what I’ve experienced…. When I worked in the Wal-Mart Pets dept, we had people leave dirty diapers behind the stock… Urinate on floors (on the sales floor, not the bathrooms)… crap in the changing rooms… open all the pull-tabs in an entire section of canned sodas… puncture milk cartons in the cooler shelves with a needle… Steal the knobs off of the stereo displays… Catch their own fish and then leave the bags laying on shelves…

And the one that annoyed me personally the most, the guy who would come look at the fish for hours with a soda in his hand, on the off-chance he would be left alone long enough to pour his Coke in the tanks, killing hundreds of dollars worth of fish that it was MY job to keep alive.

I almost got fired over that guy.

Man, we had a case where a guy left a bag on a shelf with a smoldering firecracker inside that blew up after he had left it, splattering it all over the staff who were starting to stock the aisle.

It was like a battlefield nightmare. I remember one guy shouting, “OMG IT GOT IN MY MOUTH!” and two people throwing up on each other.

Oh yes gods and furry creatures, that happened to me once. I worked at a library in the South die of Buffalo, NY. Security footage revealed the woman pooping on the floor, picking it up, putting in onto a shelf about chest level in the mystery section, and walking out of the library. THEY NEVER CAUGHT HER. The cops laughed at us. It was a nightmare.

Never found a turd on a bookshelf before? Clearly, someone hasn’t been to the entire Stephenie Meyer section! Hey-oooooo!


Turd on a bookshelf? Still a better love story than Twilight!

It’s me. I am the Bookshelf Pooper. I am here to protest your overabundance of Harlequin Novels, and lack of anything else.

Love this comic so much! It’s so relatable for anyone who has worked in retail.

Also Jackie, I know you’re probably overloaded with recommendations from people all over the internet about potential solutions to your various health concerns, but hang in there man! I had a lot of seemingly random symptoms come up in the past 10 years that have led to chronic pain, insomnia and some really intense depression. However things have been better since I’ve been taking cbd oil. I’m not peddling anything or even suggesting it since I know what it’s like to have everyone come at you with that one thing that’s gonna fix it all. But it worked for me. That’s all, love your wit and your comic.

Yeah, I do that.(Repeat stuff off the radio, not poop on shelves.) Also forgetful, and maybe less creative, but lucky for me I get to blame chemo! Probably didn’t cause it, might have exacerbated it, but people aren’t inclined to argue. Been a while now though.

“lucky for me I get to blame chemo”

I’m not sure I would call that luck. Though I guess it is better than NOT getting to blame the chemo.

I’m not…in any way…a medical expert,

If you’re looking for a good medical site, there is the site of- The Mayo Clinic.

You can find it, here-


The Mayo Clinic is in Minnesota, USA, and they have a VERY, VERY, good reputation for practicing medicine and for doing medical research.
So I believe that – their website is probably very good at offering medical info.

You can get on the MC’s site, + type in your symptoms, or your medical problem, into the search bar, and see what info that the site has to offer.
Also, even after seeing the MC’s site, please see a doctor, in real life, if you are seriously concerned about your body’s symptoms.

Hi Jackie,
I felt exactly the same way like you are now and it has been a very long search until I found the cause as the old age theory didn’t hold water, this happened to me right after becoming an adult. So, it’s basically a bunch of amoebas and worms taking over your body, sucking up all your energy. The doctors don’t know about it because you can only detect them with current tests if you are basically dying from them, e.g. as seen in the third world where people are undernourished and constantly exposed. Here we eat too well for the parasites to be able to kill us, but once you got them they stay and continue to put out a bunch of chemicals 24/7, and you continue to be exposed as you get older. Start by looking into symptoms, and over the counter vet deworming drugs (quite safe at proper dose). (Disclaimer: I don’t know anything and nobody should ever listen to me)

Ok so I’ve mentioned this several times already. For more information email me. To believe what I’m saying I guess you simply have to believe first that I’m a genius.

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