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So, Undertale. It’s on the Switch now. I’m very interested, but worried that it’s going to be super frustrating. What say you, audience? Will I reach a Hollow Knight point of frustration that will spoil the experience, or will I be able to experience the entire game with a reasonable level of difficulty? The story seems compelling to me.

The free play mode for Dragon Quest Builders is cool, but it somehow lacks the replayablity of Minecraft. Maybe if I had some goals, or a reason to share creations, but with no feedback available it’s not as much fun. It might be cool to make a little city, but I’ll have to see what kind of time I’m gonna have or if I want to try something else.


So, Undertale. A great game, with multiple possible levels of appreciation and dedication to it. Even though it has some nifty puzzles and secrets, it’s mostly story/atmosphere driven, and a real gem in how different it is from mostly anything else out there these days. It’s nowhere near as hard or frustrating as Hollow Knight either. I can’t reccomend it enough, if you feel it’s up your alley, go for it!

PS: be careful of reading these comments, there’s spoilers already and Undertale is a game best experienced by going in blind!

‘Hollow Knight’ is going for that ‘Dark Souls’ difficulty, where everything is difficult and you’re expected to rote-memorize every pitfall and enemy until you could probably beat the game blind-folded. It also doesn’t help that they lock most of the mapping up instead of giving it to you like other Metroidvania games. It’s designed to be incredibly difficult.

‘Undertale,’ conversely, does have some difficulty, but it’s less unforgiving than ‘Hollow Knight.’ Plus most of the difficulty is towards the endgame, or hidden away, as opposed to just a constant difficult slog that Souls-esque games shoot for. In general, I very much recommend ‘Undertale’ for anyone to go play, like right now. The difficulty is more fair, the game is much more interesting and humorous, and the story is very, very good.

Ok, on Undertale well…it depends: yes, the overall difficulty on your actions in-game, on the average side I can safely say it’s easier than Hollow Knight, but if you take certain steps out of your way in your playthrough that I’m afraid of spoiling to you, this game will. be. MERCILESS.

That’s the thing about this game: outside what you’ve seen on the trailers, everything is a potential spoiler and it’s best to go blind. But try it, like I said, there is only one scenario where difficulty will become a factor.

the common cause being to make retail workers miserable?

as for Undertale, it’s probably gonna get frustrating for you if you go out of your way to spare every monster or to kill every monster (can’t remember how many times I had to restart my fight in the genocide route)
the fact that every enemy has a different gameplay is either a hit or a miss with people too, I loved it but it’s probably not for everyone
that said it’d be a shame to miss out on that great game full of epic moments (also, like for hollow knight, I recommend taking a look at the wiki once you’ve beaten it a couple times, shit blew my mind)

Dropped off from reading the comic a few years ago, for no particular reason I can think of.
Saw an add the other week and spent the past 1+ week reading it again from zero and just now caught up – fully hooked!
You’ve only gotten better over time sir, love just how subtly different each character comes across!

I played through Undertale, and there was only one path i tried that was so difficult I quit, and I didn’t care to experience that ending much.
You have to very intentionally make the game that difficult though. It’s worth a couple different playthroughs.

Undertale is a game best played knowing as little as possible about the story and gameplay quirks. It’s well worth the time spent as it’s a very short game complete with a top tier soundtrack and excellent writing.

Jackie. Undertale is a game where it’s only as difficult as you make it. What you decide in game directly makes the game easier or more frustrating.

That being said. If you have not seen any let’s plays, or heard of anything of the game like plot or anything, please be careful reading the comments on this page of your comic.

I will echo what others have said. Undertale is best experienced blind. The less you know about the game, the better it is.

I say this, yet I did not follow my own advice. I have never played undertale, but the internet spoiled the absolute heck out of that game for me, that I don’t know if I can even play it now.

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