259 Significance.

Fun fact: I always misspell significance. Usually I spell it signifigance, which is how I say it.

I’ll be in Garden on Monday the 31st, for those of you who that means anything to.

I’m listening to Will Wheaton’s famous PAX speach right now, so my ability to write is crippled…  More than it is regularly at any rate.


Strip Tank Combat Pong!

I have the speech saved in itunes, I listen to it every so often. It is teh awesome!1!

I spell prejudice “prejiduce” =/ It’s how I say it… I also spell everything the British way. Color, “colour” favor, “favour” etc. I guess it’s just based on how you think it needs to be spelled…

This is one of my favorite pages in the comic.

“I don’t believe that what we do here is important in any meaningful way…”

as the setup for

“Help me help the people I care about.”

I like Thomas’s set of priorities.

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