258 Shut Up, Richard.

The title is a Tommy Boy reference.  Some of you will know this already.  For this, I salute you.

 I somehow lost my copy of Tommy Boy on DVD, and have never bothered to replace it.  It’s almost half as valuable now as it was then, but I have less than half as much money to throw around as I did then.  Forward does not seem to be the direction my life is moving in.  Then again, maybe it is, and I just can’t tell. 


oddly… and i am not sure this is a good thing, but, richard reminds me quite of myself- down to the loser collective and idiotic revealing of wisdom… spooky
i am KingOfiDunno, yet am the one that seems to hold the most bullshittingly right answers

If it’s scientific, it goes “Boink”.

Careful with that. You’ll either have a cloning machine, transmogrification machine, or time machine.

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