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Went to the dentist early today & things conspired to hamper my ability to complete this page in a timely manner. For most of you this won’t be important because you don’t wait until midnight to see he new page every day. Even so, I always try to have it up by that time on posting days. I’s just a goal I try to live by so it doesn’t seem like I don’t take the comic seriously. In many ways it’s why I’ve been so successful while other webcomics sputter out after a year or two. You need to show people you’re serious enough to at least show up on time. Of course no one is going to be on time, every time. Things happen. Still, it’s important to make the effort. Perhaps my dedication will inspire you to make your own comic, or support this one via Patreon, or other things. Who can say in this uncertain world what might happen.

Someone sent me a very nice gift the other day & I haven’t had a chance to respond via the usual means. I just wanted to make a little additional not to say thank you , if you happen to be reading. It had a very rough trip, but all the important bits survived.


Back in the day there was this social event, which I believe was called “The Webcomics Daily Grind”. Some webcomics creators would all throw in a couple bucks each and form a pool. When a webcomic stopped updating, the creator of that webcomic was removed from the pool, and the last webcomic creator standing would collect the pot. (I’m sure there must have been some rules on how much of a delay was forgivable… I can’t imagine they would remove someone just for getting sick and posting a comic a day late.)

I think if that was still around and you joined it, you would win. Your work ethic is admirable.

P.S. Howard Tayler, the Schlock Mercenary creator, kindly never joined the daily grind thing. If he had, he would have won it every time. He had his webcomic set to post automatically and he said he almost never had fewer than a whole week’s worth of comics queued up. He preferred to have several weeks’ worth of comics queued up. If he unexpectedly got sick or something, the buffer would carry the comic until he was well enough to start making comics again. His comic updated daily without fail for over 20 years.

There’s a lot of comics from back in the day that aren’t even on the Internet anymore, let alone still updating. This comic and Schlock Mercenary are two that have had real staying power.

Give credit where credit is due to Tatsuya Ishida. He may have gone insane, but his comic almost never misses an update.

His transition from normal horny person to woke scold has been truly depressing.

Last I checked he’d transitioned again and is now scolding woke culture as being wholly co-opted by the Devil, and one of the guys that stormed the capital has recovered from his temporary insanity and become “normal” and is raising 2021 as a Good Christian with True Faith.

Ishida is capable of amazing writing, but this news cuts no ice. I want to hear that he has stopped scolding. Then MAYBE I’ll consider his comic again.

I don’t want woke politics in my webcomics (or any other media). I don’t want anti-woke politics. I want good stories. I want entertainment and a haven from the madness that is 2021 politics…and politics is/are a hobby of mine.

Between Failures delivers and delivers consistently.

Too bad that his Christianity is purely superficial considering how Americans treat Christianity.

I don’t know the guy personally, but: most likely- his use of the Christian religion, or any religion, does not fall on other people, and falls only on him.
His free will decides how badly, or how well, he uses the religion he has chosen.

I don’t think David Willis has missed an update since his current comic, Dumbing of Age, started nearly eleven years ago. (And his current buffer is up to October.) I don’t remember exactly when I started reading Gunnerkrigg Court, but the chapters were still in single digits. I don’t think Tom Siddell has missed a single update since I’ve been reading.

Relevant to comic longevity, I always try to hit the vote button. There is a random comic associated with the live person verification function on Topwebcomics. I guess it rotates through all of the comics that are in the archives. Nine times out of ten it links to a dead comic. To me this points out just how much of an accomplishment t is to keep a comic up and online

I’m eagerly anticipating Jo’s reaction when she hears about the thief who stepped over his body to empty the cash register.

Assuming that was what I sent, I’m glad to hear it made it! If there’s anything at all missing or broken, you should make sure to reach out to Amazon, or I can do it. Hope you get a lot of joy from it!

Everything was fine. The box did it’s job & I don’t keep the boxes anyway. Many thanks for the gift, I hadn’t taken the time to put a set together in a while.

Jo is cute and inspires a desire to protect in others, but honestly, if I knew her, I would have to forcibly restrain my desire to tease her, just a bit, every now and then, sorta. Why? Because you can’t buy reactions like that.

Wait, is this the first time we see Reggie calling Jo Jo? And being actively nice, or at least not cold/neutral to her? After a recent reread of the times when he was really… Abrasive, if not outright mean to her, this is such a nice contrast. Really like this small bit of interaction there.

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