A rando thought came to mind: how can twins have different numbers? Ed is clearly a 2, but Jessica is a 3.

The only thing I can come up with is that they’re fraternal, not identical.

Maybe I should reread their arcs together for research. Yes, reasearch.

They can’t be identical twins — one is male, the other female. Genetically, they are only as similar as any brother and sister.

Exactly. I’m male, and my mother told me once that when my twin sister and I were little, a surprising number of *doctors* asked if we were identical upon first meeting us. I don’t know how she responded to them, but if it happened to me I would be inclined to find another doctor.

“a tale of doctor office shenanigins” …Sounds like a Benny Hill sketch, although probably less funny (but arguably at least as offensive) I fear? I wish you all the best with whatever high jinks the medical world has had to offer you this time, Jackie!

I really like what Jess’s ambition is! A therapist would probably ask her to go deeper on how and why, because it sounds like she’s tried some things to be able to move in this direction but encountered failure or obstacles. Would be great if she found that getting beyond certain skill barriers would allow her to break through once in a while between her failures.

But Jess, you using Jo as a surrogate “entertainer” only screams bad news for your relationship when you realize that the said results might not be in your favor.

Doctor’s office shenanigans sounds like it should be the skit from the Carol Burnette show with Harvey Korman and Tim Conway, but having been to many different doctors over the past 4.5 years I think I can safely assume the shenanigans in question are quite different, and not nearly as funny.

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