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As I was writing this it struck me as a bit sad that in order for Jess to achieve her goals she thinks she needs to make millions of dollars. What she actually wants is extremely simple and something you used to be able to get relatively easily with just a regular job. It’s kind of bleak.

I have been having that kind of allergy situation I get sometimes where it feels like it’s all behind my eyes and nothing I do can fix it. I’ve done everything from nasal rinses to allergy pills and I’m just stuck like this. It’s incredibly dry and the wind has blown dust everywhere, seeping into the house as well. The air purifiers can’t keep up, the humidifier is struggling.
It’s a mess and it happens every year. It causes my anxiety to spike terribly and screws up all my routines. I wonder if an eye wash bottle would help at all. It’s a bit extreme but I’m really getting sick of this year upon year. It’s also possible that my cpap isn’t working as well as it once did. It seems fine but I still haven’t convinced myself to import the 300$ motor from China to replace the one in it now. I’m really gonna be angry with myself when it stops working and I don’t have the part already. The problem is I don’t trust any of the sellers online. But whatever, I don’t feel like thinking about it right now anyway.

I’ve been doing that thing where I unconsciously grit my teeth so hard all the time that I can hear my jaw muscles straining. Every so often I catch myself and make the effort to stop, but as soon as I stop paying attention to it I instantly start doing it again. I’m sure it’s not helping with any of the other problems, but it’s part of the anxiety loop that requires nearly constant awareness to stop. It’s so bad that when I eat dinner I get dizzy from the pressure change in my ears that not doing it causes.

Anyway, I guess that’s enough complaining for now. Mom got out her new air fryer and made chicken that was exactly how I like it. So dry it was almost dehydrated. So that was good. It seems like a device specifically designed to make food exactly how I like food. Supposedly it’s better for you so I guess we’ll see if it actually helps in any way.

Apart from that I guess I should remind people the patreon and subscribestar exist if you wan to support my efforts and let you go about your lives unhindered.


Jackie, for your dried out nose, have you tried coating the inside of your nostrils with Neosporin-type ointment? The translucent, greasy ointment, not the white cream. Needn’t be the name brand, generic store brand works just fine.

I was told about this years ago by my Nurse Practitioner. It can make a big difference for dried out nostrils and into the sinuses. Winter, summer, whenever my nose is dried out I do this. I put a large dab of the ointment on the tip of my pinkie and work it up in there. Another dab for the other nostril. Blow your nose when done to get rid of the excess. The greasiness prevents things from drying out.

I’ve always been told to avoid doing that sort of thing, especially long term. I guess I’ll need to see what the current thinking is on the matter.

Jess, very few people ever get to be free enough to be what they want to be. I’m not saying you can’t do it, or that you shouldn’t try (in fact, I wish you a great deal of luck) but I’m just saying, be ready.

Tangentially, I’m old enough to remember when a million dollars was a lot of money. For normies like about everyone here “millionaire” used to mean something distinctive from upper-middle class.

We could use a new colloquial term between millionaire and billionaire.

Hey boss. Long time lurker, 1st time commenter. Think i started around 3 comics after the switch to color.
Over the counter allergy eye drops. I have the same issues with my eyes, and this helps significantly. Make sure you actually hold the bottle in your hand until it gets to body temp or its gonna hurt when you put them in, but sweet relief for 4-6 hours.

Gotta say Pataday, or the store brand, helped me. A warm and dry winter has done me in this year, and I’m on several allergy meds to combat the effects, lol. You can quit with no side effects when things improve (unlike Zyrtec, shudder).

it really sucks because in some cities, just having a house and a reliable car alone covers nearly a million dollars as it is, so the thought of needing a million dollars to achieve her goals is crushingly accurate

In San Francisco or Manhattan, the house alone is almost certainly over a million dollars, unless it’s in very poor condition AND in a very bad neighborhood.

I love that, but my god this hurts to see pointed out how attainable this used to be. It feels so impossible now, and I have a good job.

Allergy test and a year of shots got the worst of it under control. After that it was xertec and nasal steroids for the last 15 years. Managed not cured. Not sure if my exp will help but my life sucked before the allergy shots.

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