567 Nothing.

I’m feeling acutely aware of my own ignorance at the moment.

My internet service has been just barely functional for several days now.  I can’t be sure, but it seems like it happens whenever it snows.  Of course the whole thing makes me realize that I don’t really know how the internet works.  Maybe more people are inside surfing for porn since it’s cold outside.  Maybe it’s some other cause.  I don’t know for sure if a lot of people on at once actually causes the net to be sluggish.  I think I heard it someplace.  It’s one of those things I take for granted.  Treating it like magic I go through little rituals trying to appease the gods of service.  Unplugging things, plugging them back in, uttering curses.  My lack of understanding causes me to revert to a base creature, pleading to invisible beings in the sky for aid.

Past a certain vague understanding of things all my technical knowledge breaks down basically into blind trust.  I know that when you use a phone waves travel through the air, somehow find receivers, and then somehow make it all the way to whoever you wanted to call.  I know that if you hook a battery to a wire electricity will try to escape across the easiest path.  If you become the easiest path it shocks the shit out of you.  How that simple concept turns into the computer I’m using is less clear to me.  I understand with most things that if you do A then B will happen, but I don’t know the why necessarily.  Now that I’ve stopped to think about it I find that it bothers me not knowing.  I feel like if I did know the why of things I’d be better prepared to help myself when trouble arises.  Of course I can’t tap the well of all human knowledge because my net is, for all intents and purposes, down.

I know a lot of random stuff.  The value of my knowledge varies greatly from item to item, but to other people I seem smart, well spoken, and reasonably skilled.  Compared to all the things I’m ignorant about, however, my knowledge is as close to nothing as makes no odds.


If you use a dish to receive the interweb signal, maybe you just need to clean the snow out. I have yo do that at work all the time.

So this is just the second day. I guess that means there won’t be any chance of character development for Reggie for at least another ten squillion comics.

And in the meantime, all we’ll get about him are mentions and displays of his stupidity, arrogance, uselessness and patheticness, with his one redeeming feature being “Hey, at least he’s not a thief. Oh, wait, none of us are either.”

@ Joey – I don’t think there’s any snow or ice on the dish, but I’ll have to look and see if maybe that’s it.

@ Blayze – I stand by my work and my vision. Reggie will have to learn and grow in a manner that suits his personality, and I’ll take as long as I please doing it. I appreciate you taking the time to so throughly ruminate over my stuff.


At least you know the technical mechanics of phone waves and receivers, I really know nothing about that kind of thing…that and I was still on dial-up until I got one of those Mifi hotspots from Sprint about a week ago. I guess that is why I’m a creative writing major, because technology and I barely get along.

P.S. For anyone thinking about that hot-spot I wanted to you that it has a 5 gigabyte cap, so it cannot be used for something heavy duty like WoW, and that kind of sucks.

Good to know, Crave. I like to see characters evolve (Not necessarily grow, a fall is good too), not just stagnate — like what I hear happened to Spike on Buffy.

Hell, someone’s got to stand up for the Butt Monkeys and Cosmic Playthings. :D

Gah, stupid Chrome. Don’t know if the last comment posted. I’ll assume it did. Anyway, two other things:

1) Sorry if it sounded like a criticism before. It wasn’t, I just have a… natural gift for offending people. ;)

2) Is this trend of ‘many comics per in-comic day’ always going to continue, or will you use any (Big enough to require mention) timeskips in the future? Just curious.

Dude,how much cap do you use on WoW?I have a crummy 2gb cap and I played it for ages,have since moved on to Left 4 Dead 1 and 2…although for some of ther WoW updates I did have to rely on others to get the info,otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to play =p

What kind of internet do you use?I have a 3g modem (which basically runs off cellphone type networks to my knowledge),if you have something similar than the amount of other users on the network at the time may be affecting your line.

@ Blayze – I wrote the first two parts in this long way but as it goes on it’s more traditional. It’s probably always going to have longer sections because that’s how I write. As far as timeskips go, I don’t know when it became the norm to spell it out for people. It seems like the audience should be able to figure it out themselves.

@ Ruri – I’m not actually sure how my internet works. I plug my router into a box that goes to a satellite thingy, and most of the time it works… <_<

I just can’t help seeing Brooksie here with a corona of black fire around here head and speech in that last panel.

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