2464 She Did Intend It.

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Whoof, jeez. I took an allergy pill while I was making this page and it absolutely knocked me out. Woke up after a couple of hours, tried to get back to it, right back to sleep. Apparently I really needed sleep and the pill was my way there. The dust out here has been so bad that even the dogs are having allergy problems, to give you an idea of what it’s been like. Anyway, I finally got this done, but I apologize for not getting it posted at the usual time. If I had realized how much it was going to affect me I would have held off until after but it’s unusual for them to hit me so hard I just fall out like that. Anyway, here it is. Hope you enjoy it. Please consider supporting the comic via the links above if you can, and I’ll see you Monday.


mmm, delicious Benadryl. I discovered the comic last week and finished the archive today! and now I have to wait for updates like a pleb.

An advantage of timezone shenanigans – I am never aware of the posting time, as it happens sometime during the dark hours (waves hands). Notwithstanding, any well-being you can conjure is the main thing, getting the comic out here a wee bit late is secondary. Even Jo in cat-ears is secondary.

Apropos of nothing, I’m suddenly wondering how effective it would be to put microphones in those cat ears? Brooksie is already small and quiet and sneaky, I wonder if she’d go around the store spying on everyone by listening to them across the room. She’d get away with it by acting like it’s a cute affectation to wear them.

Also, the two of them should ASMR on the side. Probably make more money.

“By the way, I opened an OnlyFans account yesterday. For us.”
“Oh, is that so? What’s OnlyFans? And why is that camera in our bedroom?”
“Just a security thing, I got a great deal. Don’t worry about it.”

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