2463 Money For Nothing.

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“That little rabbit has his own jet airplane, that little rabbit he’s a millionaire.”

Jess has the confident arrogance that many intelligent people exhibit. When you get acustomed to being the smartest person in every situation it gets easier and easier to think you’re always right, but that’s a quick way to end up in dire straits. Intelligence is best tempered with wisdom. Unfortunately you have to fuck up to gain wisdom. There’s only so much you can gain from reading.

Anyway, I’ve learned to mention my monetization methods in every post by learning the wisdom of other social media influencers. Which is why I’m reminding anyone who reads this that they can support my work via the links above. Or on the sides if you’re on an actual computer. That’s something else I learned from others. People like using phones to read webcomics now. So a friend fixed the site so it can do that. Age, wisdom, I’ve got it all… Ladies.


I was recently thinking about this idea as it regards chatbots like replika. It seems very whoring-adjacent that replika has romance locked behind a paywall. But it’s also curious to think of it that way when replika literally has no body. It has a 3D avatar but I’m pretty sure that even with the romance option purchased it won’t do sexy poses or sexy vocalization.
I dunno. I find the whole mental exercise pretty fascinating.

And now we wait for the moment where Jess’s arrogance leads to an inevitable tragedy and I am all for it. I may like Jess’s relationship with Jo, but otherwise I don’t really like the character herself and seeing narcissistic characters get smacked in the face with reality is always enjoyable to see.

Well, you know what they say about the difference between a sex worker and someone with a more “respectable” job under capitalism. One of them spends their days selling their body in the most degrading, dehumanizing, demoralizing environment imaginable until their body is ruined and literally falling apart at which point they will be discarded by their owners because they are not being “profitable” anymore, and the other is a sex worker.

Just wait until you’re working under socialism (you know, the “worker’s utopia) and see how degrading, dehumanizing and demoralizing it is.

Please don’t confuse socialism with communism.

You mean like they did in the communist regime that was the United States’ greatest adversary throughout much of the 20th century, calling themselves the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics?

Which wasn’t actually Communist since the State still owned the means of production, unlike true Communism. And that was only because we were filthy imperialists ourselves. Remember, we’re the nation Hitler based his shit around.

Hitler based his shit around Nietsche’s sister’s philosophy.
Nietsche himself would have abhorred nazism.
But his sister got to edit his unpublished manuscripts after he died.

Hello from Europe.

We’re doing fine, nothing degrading, dehumanizing or demoralizing.

You seem to use a definition of fine I’ve hitherto been unfamiliar with.

Yes, admittedly, being part from the socialistic side of it makes it very fine.

I have to admit there’s a large chunk of Europe that’s doing less well.

can confirm

I am highly intelligent, and spent a good chunk of high school extremely arrogant. as an adult I am keenly aware of how much wisdom I still lack, but also how much more I’ve acquired since high school

Sure do. Been selling the time, labour and wear-n-tear on this old body to do physically demanding jobs for a few decades now.

If you asked me honestly if I wouldn’t rather pretend to be a little fonder of someone than I otherwise was for an hour, to make the same money I currently do in a day, allowing me to rest and look after my own health for the rest of that day instead… not only would I find no moral objection to that choice, I’d consider it only sane.

Unfortunately the laws of supply and demand do not open such opportunities to me, so I’ll be getting up at 6am again tomorrow and pulling on my steel-toed boots, again and again until me knees or my back gives out.

“Money for nothing”.

“But that’s a quick way to end up in dire straits.”

I see what you did there!


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