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I was going to talk about something, then it suddenly struck me that talking about it could potentially endanger my family. Isn’t it sad that we’ve come to the point where just talking about everyday occurrences could potentially endanger the lives of your family? Self censorship out of fear. I never thought I’d live to see it. Yet here we are. I am cut of from you because there are dangerous people roving around looking to ruin lives. I took being able to share anything with my audience for granted, but it wasn’t, & my lack of vigilance has cost me. Another harsh lesson in this harsh year.


First the comic, loving that Carol is encouraging Edward and becoming a good friend.

Secondly, the artists commentary. We are going through a difficult time and civil rights and protections are being weakened. May a few years from now we all read through this archive and feel blessed it got better.

Aw, look at Carol, being all mentory.

Blog post:I’m sorry things are going rough for you. I hope it works out.

I used to read BF regularly, but you know how it goes; life hits you like a brick. Caught up last night, and damn, that last wasn’t an arc I was expecting, well done.

Surprised Carol was so open with such a compliment. Then again, she has always been fairly fond of Ed, his first few days notwithstanding. Though I’d really like to see her be this nice to John, but I can’t say I honestly expect that to happen anytime soon.

2020: I’m not a fan.

As far as I can tell, there are a whole bunch of good people who want to make the world a better place… and there are a few really bad people, mixed in with them, using them for cover.

I have hope that it will get better soon. But I’m not going near any big cities at night for a while.

Just to clarify. You’re not a fan of 2020? It’s not that you’re not a fan of this comic in 2020?

2020 is the year of people burning down businesses in Minneapolis (and one man is known to have perished in the flames of one business), looters shooting a man for trying to defend a business they wanted to loot, people trying to use cement to seal police into a building and then lighting it on fire, children getting shot and killed by people who were trying to be amateur police protecting protests, and recently in Portland a man stalked and killed another man because the victim was a member of a group called “Patriot Prayer”.

I’m still a huge fan of this comic; it’s truly one of my favorites and that hasn’t changed at all in 2020.

I kind of understand not wanting to put a lot of personal info: online, or in public.
This is sort of related-

Years ago- my relative broke up with a boyfriend.
He left some books + things, by accident, behind.

Recently, I found a way to contact him, so that I could try to return his stuff.
I probably won’t contact him. Last I heard- he has some major, UNPAID debts, so I guess:
he…likely…won’t like me, or other people from his past, digging around + looking around for him.

Personal information can be strange like that, huh?

2020 can be described as a dumpster fire – at best; it has a similar aroma, and the smokescreens are being deployed to better effect. Facebook and Twitter are a disaster and not going to get better. However there are lots of good people in the world, I hope they will take the world back from those who would wreck us as a democracy.
Just because someone doesn’t agree with you does not mean they are in league with the Devil. It may mean that, but it is not automatic, it’s a case by case basis. Good people can make mistakes, bad people can have good ideas, let’s take time to think, before running to the cliff edge.
Feeling emotional may make you feel strong and in control – but control is an illusion. Let’s take the time to look, and reason, follow our hearts not our Cowardly “Leaders.” If anyone needs to lose their jobs, it’s not the working stiffs, it is the crap-weasels in those two big white buildings in D.C. What a bunch of lockstep sycophants.
We don’t need more guns to fix the problems, sometimes the problem is best solved by a little girl with a bucket of water.

I’m pro- the Second Amendment, I like guns! I just don’t think they are as useful as a convincing argument backed by facts. They instill fear, but ultimately don’t change anyone’s beliefs. Compromise, working together for the common weal, is that Not a good idea? I think it’s time for working together.

This. It’s nice to see that there seems to be lots of people reading this comic who are rational, thinking people. It’s honestly refreshing.

We really do need more discussion and facts. We need more willingness to cooperate with each other and listen to opposing viewpoints with respect. We need to stop devolving every disagreement into an Us vs Them -> Good vs Evil type argument and recognize that we’re all on the same team in the end. We need to stop trying to invalidate a person’s humanity and existence because we disagree with something they said or did. We also really need to start holding people, groups, companies, and organizations accountable for actions that are designed to only tear people down.

Sorry for the rant, but I got a bit fired up, and I feel like I’m in good company.

Jackie, sorry to hear about your family trouble, and it is indeed sad that you can’t just talk about it as you wish. The chilling of free speech is everywhere right now, and I genuinely hope that you are doing ok.

Honestly, given the fact that this place is on its last legs financially anyway, I don’t think anyone’s going to be snooping under beds looking for fraternization.

You would think that but as things go down hill there are those who will try to exert one last bit of control over the uncontrollable.

All’s there’re gonna find under the bed are some dust bunnies and dirty magazines left by the last tenant.
Really, some days I’m cool with Jackie, other times I’m just amazed at what he has put together with the plot, and the details, vs. the characters: the safe’s contents, Reggie knowing stuff that’s useful, … all that just seamlessly fits together to make this world of his. And it is amazing to me.
My world is not anywhere near as real or as fun!

The mob speaks for far fewer people than you might think. they’re just very loud and feel very entitled to destroy anything and anyone that doesn’t follow their model of perfection, which just happens to change every now and then.

Stay smart. Make your choices out of intelligence and realism not fear and intimidation. You may end up doing the exact same actions but you’ll might feel a little better.

I’m really sorry something happened with your family and you can’t share it with your online community. That really REALLY sucks.

I hate the fallout of that. You become more isolated, and can’t get any support for it. Other folks in similar situations don’t learn that these situations happen to other people, and become a little more isolated. Folks who’ve never been in that situation don’t learn that the world has more variety than they ever imagined and build empathy.

It sucks. I’m so sorry.

Relatedly, the comic continues to be one that I deeply enjoy because its about a group I people that I have next to no interactions with in real life, and the underlying viewpoint of how the world works is very different from a lot of the other comics I read. Thank you for being uniquely you. What makes the world wonderful is all the variety and uniqueness in it. And… God knows right now we need all the wonderful we can get to offset … everything else.

Keep your head, steer the center path, resist the swing of the pendulum and treat everyone kindly…especially yourself. It is not weak to care about the people around you and it is not strong to demonize those that do not agree with you.

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