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It’s debatable if Rulette is sexy or not. That’s a subjective things & I’ve heard complaints about how she looks since she was introduced. Some people agree, some don’t, just like with everything else basically. At the very least her confidence would get her in the door with a lot of people. She likes herself. Not to a crazy degree, but a normal, well adjusted, amount. In some ways she’s one of the most Well adjusted characters and the most responsible. She plays pretend with friends in a back room of her store, but win some, lose some.

I would like to win some however and in this world that means making money, so I encourage you to support my work via the links above. I have expenses on the horizon that I will need to deal with before long. XD

Anyway, I’ll see you all on Monday if I don’t catch you out on these internets. Stay safe, fart loud, and have fun.


Sexy is in the eye of the beholder. One person might think Rulette is sexy while another might not.

Her self-declaration of sexiness is certainly a display of confidence… and confidence contributes to sexiness.

If she said that to me I wouldn’t argue against it even if I privately didn’t find her sexy. (She’s not built the way I most prefer… Jo is more my speed, or Nina. But that’s okay. And anyway, I’m glad there are so many different body types around. Vive la diffĂ©rence!)

Oh yeah, with her demeanor and confidence, I’d totally second her declaration regardless of my own thoughts.

My own thoughts being that freckled redheads are great, I enjoy thiccness, but also I’m hella tall which makes interacting with short-stacks a bit of a physical chore, and my back isn’t getting any younger

Nice sequitur to the Patreon ad! ?

I think Rulette is sexy. The confidence is a big part of it, but I also do enjoy women built like her. I hope Mike does too so we can see her a little more often!

Rulette’s appeal? It’s not just that she’s attractive and outgoing, but I find her at least a little captivating. We especially know from her tales of running the store that her confidence is well-earned.

Biggie, she is not faking it. You may want to get in on the ground floor of this opportunity.

I…don’t think it matters if she’s sexy re: this line. I think it matters if she thinks she’s sexy. And I think she would. She doesn’t lack in confidence and she works a customer facing role, which teaches you to have a certain confidence and positivity, at least conversationally.

Alex? Hell yeah! Rulette? Sure! Maddie? I don’t think so.

It’s personality and related attributes before physical attributes.

Maddie is a little to, shall we way flighty, for me. Of course Jackie may change my opinion sometime in the future.

I mean honestly, no I don’t consider Rulette traditionally sexy, but for me there’s a lot of different kinds of sexy.

As a board game, dungeons and dragons, video game and horror nerd I often have to look outside of any realtionship I’m in if I want to share or participate in these hobbies. So dating someone who could share at least some of these interests is already “sexy” to me.

Attitude also plays a huge role in my attraction to someone, I’ve dated some people way out of my league, but they also ended up being rude as hell. Rulette appears to be a kind, cool individual, which is so attractive.

if someone complains about the way a character in a comic strip looks, they are being shallow and immature
i personally dont find curvy women attractive, but that hasnt stopped me from reading this comic and enjoying it
also, it would get boring (to a degree) if all the women were attractive like Nina, Jo, and Jess

Miiiiike, ask Rulette oooooooooout. She is perfect for you and will make you jump out of your shell moooooooore.

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