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Mike is a pretty straightforward guy. I think that’s why he won over this coworkers in spite of a rough start. He earnest and also tends to just say what he wants out loud without trying to hide it. There’s something refreshing about people like that. I’ve only ever met a few but having them around was always nice. Of course no one is always straightforward, but the ones who tend toward it remove a lot of hassle from dealing with them. They tell you what they want, you decide what action you wish to take, and that’s all the deeper you have to get.

I guess i don’t have anything important to report, so I’ll remind you that you can support my work via the links above and wish you well until next we meet.


You know I did the same thing with a group of friends when I was 17 and uh, back when I didnt much care about some hard rules about dealing with other people, I’d get the occasional Evil alignment. At least it was always Lawful/Evil ou Lawful/Neutral, so there was an agreement that I could fall in line when needed

The only difference between LN and LE is ambition, at least in my experience. I actually find LE less objectionable.

Ambition is only evil if one embraces unethical means to pursue it. Ambition is arguably a good thing, so long as one isn’t lying, stealing, killing, etc to achieve one’s goals. People rarely achieve anything great without a hefty helping of ambition.

As you get older, you start to realize that being a rouge hero is literally exhausting for someone who developed anxiety.

For Jess she’s definitely a Chaotic alignment, probably Chaotic Good hovering towards Chaotic Neutral.

I think she’s chaotic neutral with good tendencies.

What has she done that wasn’t “good”? The only thing I can think of is, and this is debatable since we don’t know the whole story, possibly getting the neighbor (James?) to help by batting her eyelashes at him. And that’s still really not that bad, unless she outright promised some happy time and doesn’t honor the agreement because she made it in bad faith (I don’t think she did, that’s just the morally worst case scenario I see possible there). She can be annoying and pester people who like rules and standards (like Ed) but she seems pretty firmly in the good camp. Chaotic neutral, as I recall, is a very rare alignment, competing with True Neutral for the most rare, because you basically are capricious, with no planning or concern for the future, alternating between being nice and being an asshole on a whim, the only constant being inconsistency.

Honestly, I’d say the whole cast is spread out over the good side of things, just with varying degrees of chaos causing clashes. Not sure there’s even a rule-follower just for the sake of rules anywhere in there. Oh, except Wes–I guess he might be evil-ish, we’ll see.

How you describe Mike is literally how my parents tell me I shouldn’t be. Fuck that noise, I’m not going to spend my life playing the mind games society expects me to, I’ll say what’s on my mind and if someone doesn’t like it, they can walk away because them being offended isn’t even a blip on my radar. I have better things to do than spend my already limited attention span on making sure someone likes the words coming out of my mouth.

It’s possible to be forthcoming with your opinions without being a dick about it. If they don’t like what you have to say regardless of presentation there isn’t a lot you can do at that point.

Yeah, that makes it sound like you think Mike is a loudmouth who “tells it like it is” and doesn’t care about other people’s feelings. I can’t say I agree, like, at all.

You can’t hate a manager like Mike, no matter how incompetent they might be. Ask me how I know. <3

Dunno. Mike seems pretty competent to me. Remember, he’s in a no-win situation and actually asked for help to run the store from the employees. He also put Reggie in his place a couple times. He has what it takes to lead.

Honestly, as a manager of younger people these days, Mike is probably better at getting results than a traditional manager now, because so many workers only want to work if their manager is their “buddy” and they feel like they are doing him/her a “favor” by doing their jobs. There’s not much sense of respecting your boss or just having pride in your work and doing it because that’s what you’re hired to do. Obviously a tyrant is never the best idea, but the manager who keeps his distance and focuses on the work at hand, instead of palling around with the staff all the time, used to be the ideal, and is now still considered too “mean” and people won’t work unless he’s standing there, watching.

“There’s not much sense of […] just having pride in your work and doing it because that’s what you’re hired to do.”

Yeah, the consciousness of being exploited by the capitalist class, i.e., earning less than the fruit of you labor, less than what it takes to survive with the least ammount of dignity, tends to do that to people. Younger folks tend to be more aware of these matters nowadays, thankfully, and that’s the result.

If you’re convinced that your labor is worth more than what you’re being paid, find an employer who agrees with you. This does a lot more good than whining about it.

Not easy to do when you aren’t getting paid, you know…They’re still going to have to slog through their old awful job on top of finding their new one. Dunno why you think they’re not already trying to find a better employer. A lot more people are job hopping because of the awful conditions of present day.

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