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Well, here we are again. I hope your weekend was pleasant. I spent most of mine moving junk all around in my continuing attempt to sort out the disasterpiece that is my life. That is likely what I’ll go back to doing as soon as I post this. I have a small problem in that the house is tilted ever so slightly to one side. It’s hard to notice normally, but if you stack containers over 3 feet high the tilt becomes more and more obvious. I want to stack things higher than that but it can’t be done without bracing the containers in some way. I’m going to stick little risers on one side to compensate.

Anyway, I’ll let you go back to your lives, after reminding you that you can support my efforts via the links above. Have a good tonight, tomorrow, and I’ll see you on Wednesday.


> I’m going to stick little risers on one side to compensate.
Stick them to the bottom of the lowest container, not the floor. That way if the containers shift they don’t fall off.

It’s not Evrina or Neal, is it?

I actually envision Evrina starting out as this “bad-ass” witch or warlock, but eventually begins playing a neutral-good fighter or ranger, “just for that game” and before long it’s her main without really realizing it.

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