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I should probably just post this and not blog, since I’m about 22 minutes late at this point, but this subject crosses both these last couple of pages. I worked for Gamestop for a while and it’s a terrible company. Especially in that they never want to have 2 people in a store if they can get away with it. It’s pretty ridiculous to run any place with one person since we’re all human and we all have to deficate from time to time. I can understand it if you’re a small business and it’s just you, but for someplace like Gamestop it’s inexcusable. The fact that they’ve managed to remain open is frankly amazing to me. The horror stories I could tell… Anyway, that’s the only company I ever worked for where that was a problem. Even when it was EB Games that wasn’t ever an issue.

Anyway, enough of that. As always, you can support my work via the links above, and I hope you do. I would like that very much. Stay safe over the weekend and I’ll see you Monday if the almighty is on my side.


i 100% agree about GameStop, one of my first jobs was EB Games, and i was working there when the merger happened and it became GameStop.
i was an assistant manager that got transferred cause the current ASM was on medical leave. the ASM came back, and we had 2 for a while, then the manager just vanished. the district manager promoted the other ASM to store manager, a guy who would ask me dozens of times a day, how to do things.
the DM and other ASM were both GameStop, and i was EB Games. that DM was fired a month or 2 after
by then, i had already quit and gotten a better job

Anyone who’s ever seen a Camelot331 video has heard horror stories about GameStop. And we’re ALL not sure how they stay open.

I remember the headlines when they tried to persuade the cops that they were “essential retail” because they offered energy drinks and hand sanitizer. I remember that they literally TOLD THEIR CLERKS TO IGNORE THE COPS AND REMAIN OPEN.

And the fact that you can measure your own lateness in minutes against the months of some webcomics, well, that’s a feat in and of itself. I, after all, used to be a Shotgun Shuffle reader.

But please, remember….git on it, doggonit.


Being an ex security and hooked on tabletop RPG’s Rulette is right. You can tell the people who put the mask on and who take them off. Often within minutes, sometimes the pieces take time to click. But you can tell a good person at heart from asshole with fist sized target once you learn humanity, unfortunately that trip will make you paranoid, bitter and angry as you learn most people you meet or pass by, do deserve a fist in face, regadles of politics, religion, gender, sexuality, nationality or ethnicity.

I worked for an arcade in Bakersfield and they only had one employee per shift. I generally didn’t have too many problems, but one super busy night I had to tell people they had to wait because I was gonna shit my pants.

Fun story, when I first started they showed me this plastic grocery bag with rolled up printer paper cut to the size of dollars with rubber bands wrapped around them and told me if anyone ever tried to rob the arcade to give them that.

I laughed at them and told them I’d gladly open the safe for anyone pointing a gun at me. Then pointed out that they should have insurance for robberies.

The owner hated me but his wife who was “HR” was cool.

Long time DM here, yeah, i had one of these “evil ones” once, but he had amazing control, he put the mask back on at the end of the session and was back to his bubbly self. The other players congratulated him all the time for the “evil good guy” he played (bard with sociopathic tendencies). He’s one of my long time good pals, and i had no idea he had this bad a side (i always knew he had a bit of a bad side in his grumpy days)

I talked with him about this just us alone at the end of a session, he told me it was so good to put the act down for a while, and let his fantasies run wild, then to get himself back under control and chain the beast once more.

I was always puzzled, because he was in essence a very bad person that through effort and self control turned himself into a good person.
Iron will, but i wouldn’t like to meet him if he one day decides that being good isn’t worth it anymore. Typical “don’t push the quiet one too far” situation.
PS: still a good dude to this day, 10 years later, but i’ve moved far away so i don’t do adventures with him anymore. Still wishes me happy cake day, so all is good =)

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