ghost dad be like : “an apology? over my dead body!”

Rulette: I know there’s only a ghost of a chance that you’ll listen to me, but would it kill you to act like decent person?

Those are such “Parental!” things to say. Most of what I’ve seen from mentally clear dying folks is; Regret for mistakes, and a desire to be remembered well.
Which usually involves apologies. Sometimes regrets.
I say live full steam ahead, and apologize as you go, and sincerely. Then full steam ahead. I’d likw to get ahead. The one I have often misfires.

He passed nearly 15 years ago but I still have conversations with my dad. They just happen in my head and occasionally in my dreams.

My Dad and Grandfather both died in the house where I am currently writing. Both less than ten feet from where I’m sitting, in fact.

Yes, I still miss my Dad, even though we didn’t really get along. It’s just over a year ago now that he died. Parkinsons just destroyed him over the space of around five years. (He had it for longer, but that’s about how long it took after serious symptoms started)

My grandfather, on the other hand, was a bastard and if he were roaming the house I’d have him Exorcised so fast it would probably give his spirit friction burns.

Panel 1: Seance begins.

Panel 2: Daddy Dearest: “You want an apology huh? That shop literally killed me and yet you’re still hanging around it. When will you ever get serious with your life. Where are my grandchildren, Rulette?

Panel 3: Rulette stumbles out of building, hair white from fright.

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