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Patricia continues to haunted by her father. A legacy like he would have left leaves a metaphorical stink on a person’s whole family. They’re left perpetually defending themselves and denying their family. Members of my family think it’s really cute to get racist in restaurants. I assume it’s because they love eating spit and pubes. I’m more groggy than woke, but playful racism hasn’t flown in over a decade, especially in an environment when someone who could rightfully be offended if bringing your fucking food.


I’m not trying to mess around with the feelings of the readers but-
….yeah, losing someone you like or love, really sucks.
I’ve recently lost a relative that I really liked. I’m still kind of reeling from that.
For some people- It is just a feeling that that space where they were is empty, + feelings like that.
You get a feeling that…things have suddenly stopped, and that person is just not there anymore.
Please try to look at it this way- imagine that you’ve just arrived at your favorite, diner restaurant, or at [Florida’s] Disney World, just to find that the place has closed down…
you find that the place is just gone… and you can’t do anything with it, anymore.
Cheers, dudes.

Not that all of my experiences with my friend were negative.
It’s just that, in my view, if you haven’t lost a lot of friends, it can be a difficult ride, recovering from the loss of a friend.

On twitter, Jackie was asking for hi res images / pics of the cardbacks of the original,…[read that as the 1970s + 1980s], cardbacks of the star wars action figures.

Yeah, the sites I look at usually have the fronts of these figures peg-cards/packages, but have TOTALLY no c.b. images from these peg-cards.
The “photo archive” section, from http://www.rebelscum.com , shows you lots of pics of the fronts of these figure’s cards, + SW toys, but not the c.b.(s).

Well, I guess you could “borrow” some good images of cb(s), from the ebay pages that are selling these action figures + their c.b.s. ;D

Thanks, the internet is choked with useless images.

Its cats. Well mostly cats.
Some of the rest equates to someone doing something stupid.
As for the rest, it is straight out fabrication from hole cloth – so many holes the stories are like trawler drag nets – they will always catch the big dumb unwary bottom feeders.

…and no…no, you don’t always get closure. No matter how much you wish you could have.

There are a lot of “worst things” you could claim about life, but for me, it’s that some stories don’t end.

Yes they may be gone but what they have done, known and unknown, lingers on.
Sometimes those little surprises will bite you in the butt.

My dad was a do it yourself handyman. He never asked for help on anything.
He also did things his way and good enough for him was good enough.
He did the finished basement himself. Butt bite was when I had to replace a built in fluorescent fixture recently. It wasn’t. Just a diffuser framed in the ceiling with a standard warehouse fixture screwed to the underside of the floor above and between the joists. The wiring was what almost killed me and fortunately did not burn down the house. He had used surplus or repurposed power cable from the plant he had worked at before he retired. Water/oil resistant 600V industrial rubber cable does not age well in ceiling spaces over 30 years. Think Chinese fortune cookie filled with cornflakes and a nice shinny live 120V copper core. The coloured masking tape over the marette splices was a nice touch.

That cable may have been 30+ years old when he got it. As a “do-it-yourselfer” I’ve learned the hard way doing it by code is the best way to avoid the fix it again later syndrome. As a farm kid I knew people who would repair things just well enough to finish what they were doing right then, but who were constantly breaking down. Coming back to the theme of fathers, even though we didn’t have much spare cash, my father was of the “Fix it right, fix it once” philosophy.

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