1188 Brave New World.

Okay, if you guys seriously want an Everyone Is Raindrops shirt I’m gonna need some feedback about what you want it to be like. I’ve never had any luck with shirts, so there’s going to have to be significant support shown for me to bother messing with it. So, let’s hear some ideas.

While I was working on these pages I decided to try an experiment of sorts. I took Monday and what was finished of Tuesday and showed them to people who contacted me on skype. Then I asked what they would they do if it was their comic. It was interesting. A lot of people were totally paralyzed by the scenario. Especially if they revealed themselves as dedicated fans. Strangely, the most detached people had the easiest time answering, and the most complete answers. Happily, at least from my perspective, no one exactly nailed what was going to happen. One person came close, but it’s hard to exactly guess what a given person will write. Also, I like to think I have a unique way of presenting this fairly pedestrian work.

Anyway, this seemed to be what Jo wanted. I’m not going to lie, I second guessed it, but ultimately I let her take her chance. For the record, my mother was a bit heartbroken that Jo couldn’t stay a pure, in her words, character. I suspect she won’t be alone in that. Ultimately characters have to change and live, in so far as the fictional can. So here we are. In the rain with them.


I stumbled on your work here earlier this week and have enjoyed it so very much. I love the character development, being able to see them all from different sides, both how they wish to be perceived and how others view them. There is so much I enjoy from this series and it is so late that I wont try to say more.

I don’t know how much farther there is to read before I reach the present, so you may not see this anyway, but these last few pages moved me so. You have so many characters that I’m sure 90% of the people who read your work identify with one or more likely a few of them. But this one really hit me. I just wanted to say “thank you”, and hug you. And I would definitely buy an “Everyone is Raindrops” shirt and a paper copy of this whole adventure if such things exist.

Thank you again.

I was not sure how this was gonna go. I figured there’d be more conflict with her fangirl love of Nina or, a follow up to her rather… aggressive moment with John. Oh well, this is sweet and I think Jo will be good for Jess. I think she needs someone like her.

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