At least you’re getting some sleep, Jackie. I hope you’re feeling a bit more rested at least.

What is it

Sorry there. What is it with Alex and cake. It was cake when was talking love with brooksie now it’s cake again.

She likes cake. People like things. I like chips myself and don’t actually like cake very much.

I happen to love salsa, cold-brewed coffee, properly brewed hot coffee, and certain hard spirits to name a few culinary delights. I don’t believe marijuana counts as food unless incorporated into other foods.

I can see that.
With popular foods, I’m not a big fan of popcorn, however, I like eclairs and most anything that has ice cream with it. :)

Wait, didn’t you name another strip layer cake?

Alex + (Ms.) Maddie have bantered with each other, + have compared people’s figures to layer cakes.

Thanks! I had a few months worth to catch up reading here and I’ve noticed the dame issue on DOA as well. Hopefully you just solved both those problems for me :)

Alex looks amazing in the last panel. Exemplary job. And yeah, I spell checked exemplary-supposedly it’s right.

This is unrelated to anything, but to me: this [is kind of sad, and it kind of gets me down]:

Adam West, who played Batman, in the 1966 TV show, “Batman”, has passed on, today.
That’s sort of sad news to hear.
I’ve always enjoyed the TV shows, + movies, that he has done. His acting is a lot of fun.

Happy travels, and have a good day to you, Adam West, “old chum”. ^^;;

I’d love to talk cake with Alex. :3

I’d love to talk weird with Brooksie too, but I don’t ‘member movies, I make my own in my head.

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