1703 Praise Me! Praise Me!

I was actually goin got jump back to these guys way earlier that this, but the way the other storylines were playing out made me want to stick with those. If you want a refresher on what they were doing last here’s the link.

I been talking to my friend about his divorce and haven’t really had time to think of anything else to write right here. I’m not gonna like talk about that though. Just that that’s what I was doing. My sleep schedule is so fucked up right now it’s like my mind is just blank if I don’t have a goal directly in front of me.


Oh, new page, back to other storyline! Here we go!

I do wish everyone was as confident in real life as the characters in this comic.

I must have known a statistically abnormal level of confident people.

Can you put that in number? So we can use it for statical reasons.

Nah, I’ve seen it before. It usually happens when ‘things’ regarding a small city or metro neighborhood have gotten to a point where it’s residents and denizens have reached a state of little to zero fu*ks given.

I have a feeling there’s more to this place where Thomas and the crew reside than is being let on.

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