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Poor Reggie is the talk of the town.

This evening I took the teen out for a driving lesson. Which was fine. She got her car finally, by way of her brother finding a suitable used vehicle. It’s a ford escape, which is a fitting enough name. The dome light wouldn’t switch off for some reason, so I got called an idiot by my father, who then also failed to figure out the cause. Truly his is the superior intellect. The car has a few too many electronic parts in my opinion. I’m not a fan of vehicles that a person can’t repair without the help of a skilled technician.
At any rate, the kid has a healthy fear of the vehicle. Complacency about cars is part of why there are so many accidents. I like to be mindful of the fact that when I’m driving I’m in control of a potential murder weapon, and so are everyone else. The teen prefers to learn with me because I’m not a intense as anyone else. Although I get just as frustrated when she reacts slowly.


” I’m not a fan of vehicles that a person can’t repair without the help of a skilled technician.”
Or turn off a light with the help of a skilled technician! Ha!

Time to call in Monty Python’s- Bicycle Repair Man!

I once suggested that Bicycle Repair Man would be a fun cosplay. A friend of mine pointed out that for the full effect, you need to get everyone else to cosplay as Superman.

Great idea.
It could work with a small amount of Supermen- with you as BR Man, and ask 3 or 4 of your friends to dress up as Superman(s).

Im trying to teach my wife how to drive. I have no idea how honestly.

Just a casual idea-

If you’re living in the United States, you’ll probably find an online copy of your State’s
[ Department of Motor Vehicles handbook], aka the Driver’s License handbook/manual, for free, online.

Arg. Gee…I’m brainy, today. :p
Another handy thing would be to go to the DMV, and get 2 or 3 D.L manuals from them, if paper books are easier to use, while teaching people to drive. *shrugs*

I have an Escape and I am enjoying it, though mine does have a ridiculous amount of bells and whistles. As for the dome light, it could be a problem with the switch. In mine, I have three settings: Completely Off, Doors Open, Completely On. Not that you or your father haven’t tried that, it is just what first came to mind. All else fails, could pop the dome and pull the light so it doesn’t kill the battery. Everything also feels worse from the passenger side when teaching than it does behind the wheel because you have no control and all the pressing need to be in control.

You don’t just see that complacency regarding cars in drivers. So many pedestrians seem completely unaware of the fact that they are sharing a parking lot or road with multiple self-propelled metal objects that outmass, outweigh, and outspeed them by a significant factor.

Cyclists are worse, in that their increased speed means they can fling themselves in the way of cars and only give the motorist minimal time to react. In my city they’re allowed to ride on footpaths as well as roads, but when they come to a crossing they’re supposed to dismount and walk across. Fortunately for me, on the multiple occasions that I’ve seen one ride across at full speed I’ve been stationary or not close enough to have to avoid them.

Two months past being done with teaching my daughter. When she first started, she was terrified of going faster than 35 MPH and all things dealing with driving. Now that she’s a ‘seasoned’ driver, that fear seems to have worn off unfortunately.

Taught my step-daughter to drive. Her worst problem was her hesitation. As drivers, we learn to make split-second decisions behind the wheel practically without thinking, but she struggled with it. When she ran a red light because she hesitated applying the brakes, I had to give her a little talk. “You were lucky this time. Nothing happened, but every time you do that, something bad could happen. If you do it during your driving test, you’ll flunk. Worse, anytime you do it, you could end up dead and that would be tragic.” She learned eventually of course.

I’m taking my neice. She had her first crash this last week after mistaking the gas for the brake and while she is fine, the ice machine at the local dollar store will forever bear the mark of her disgrace.

She will learn, but she’s suddenly got that healthy fear of cats she needs.

Poor girl. I share the sentiment. I have to learn in a brand new Grand Caravan, and the gas and brakes are extremely touchy. Not only am I driving something that dwarfs me in size, I don’t have full control. Driving on the old highways is nice though. Don’t see a lot of people, and you’re at one steady speed for long periods of time.

BF end the month 71th of the Top Web Comics chart. Which is smth like 25 places better than last month \o/.
It also finish 7th in the Real Life category.

Nice. I make sure to vote from every machine I have access to. Getting votes in early in the month is the most important.

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