768 Reason.

I reworked my art area slightly today.  Tried to get the wires cleaned up and shifted things slightly to the right.  I don’t know exactly how my desk ended up so far left before, but I must have had a reason at the time.

My sister got my mother an iPad for mothers day.   (Dick move, sis!  How I’m sposta compete with that?  with my little giftcard…  T^T)  Mom is not a fan of Apple products, or business practices, but she has very much enjoyed her new toy.  I have had a chance to play around with it and now I get it.  I understand how these particular devices could be used to fundamentally change how we interact with media.  I, of course, downloaded The Smurf’s Village on it so I could see what it would be like on a better device.  This eventually led to Mom slowly warming to the idea of playing the game herself and then to total obsession.

Mom is not a gamer by any means.  She does enjoy games, like Tetris, or what have you, but doesn’t actively seek games out. (She ceeps my old Gameboy Color and original Gameboy Tetris in her desk.)  Watching her play Smurfs over the course of several weeks has been interesting in that I can easily see that she passed her weird obsessive tendencies on to me, after getting them from my grandmother presumably.

I like seeing people I know play games like Smurfs, or Simcity.  They are like a little window into a deeper part of their personality.  Sometimes a surprising window.  The most free spirited people often have very fastidious senses of style when it comes to landscaping and sometimes the very neat are totally sloppy and random.  Of course you also get the very neat people who are even more particular in their little sandboxes.

Who knows what my village says about me:

This image is from winter, but my style surely must come through.

Anyway, it’s been fun getting to enjoy this game with my Mom.


I like seeing Thomas being still really hopeful to be wrong. I feel that a lot.

As for Mom’s playing games, my Mom got hooked on some pinball game on her phone when she first got it, but now she’s mostly addicted to Words With Friends

I know exactly how Thomas feels. I don’t go on trips to find ghosts though. I would be afraid I would find irrefutable evidence that they don’t exist, so I would rather be skeptical.

Probably not the best solution, but I would rather never find something fantastic than discover all my doubts are absolutely true.

Just remember that it’s really very hard to prove a negative, even irrefutable evidence hesitates to declare something not to be.

I met two ghosts in my time, one ignored me, & the other plead for the chance to do something. Don’t ask me how I know that, the group of us exorcising the house saw the ghost appear & we all heard, inside our minds, ears were not involved, as plain as day that she wanted to raise a child.

When the youngest child of the family whose house it was reached the age of fifteen she finally disappeared forever. They have lots of amazing stories about their spectral nanny.

Ok JT, I give up. I’ve searched and searched your screen shot of the smurfs and I can’t for the life of me find Papa Smurf anywhere. That _was_ a smurf version of Where’s Waldo, right? Can you help me find him?

My mom’s a full gamer, and she got me involved when I was extremely small (I grew up learning to read with RPGs and the like… Phantasy Star II was a big part of my young life ^_^).

My view on the iPad is mostly that, even having gotten to play around with it, since it’s designed to be mobile, it can’t touch my normal computer, and since I don’t ever go anywhere (yay working from home~), there’s no reason to leave my box behind…

My opinion, thus, is pretty much void: it’s not built for me. Apples aren’t built for people who love to make the machines work, they love to HAVE the machines work, without work put in, and that’s fine. the iPad and numerous other apple products are based on mobility, which isn’t needed by me (smart phones are here too… Thanks, I don’t need it, I have VOIP and a headset…)

Yet again Thomas sounds like me. I don’t believe in supernatural stuff or magic, but I’m always on the lookout for just one sight that will prove me wrong.

And you should see my Sim City cities; perfect 6×6 squares forming a grid throughout the entire city (Unless I have something else planned).

Ok, never heard of that smurf game, but looking at the picture and trying to help Geoff, i couldn’t help but notice there are 2 identical Smurfin (smurfette, or whatever she is called in english) walking around, so i officially hate it already, there is supposed to be only 1!

You can’t take a picture of the whole setting at once. You have to take several images and cut them together. The unique smurfs keep moving around so they appear more than once sometimes.

Thomas’s eyes are very anime in this one. Expressive and just a little twinkly. He looks like a kid (or, you know, a grown man having a kiddie-fied moment which I’m assuming was the intention).
Is the white border on him to denote that he is a panel unto himself?

This is kind of how I feel about god at times. I don’t believe in heaven or hell, but I kind of want to be wrong you know?

Typical human silliness.
I wouldn’t be so base as to call myself Agnostic (ew), but I don’t tend to regard anything in terms of definitely being “real” or not. I react to things as I experience them… and don’t really give a toss otherwise.
Can’t really… not without extracting myself from the causality of my own existence. When I’m operating my chassis, it takes all my available RAM just to unravel Clotho’s tapestry several binds in advance.

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