Hmm…. Just got woken up by my wife…… She said she was hot….. I said she wouldn’t like me when I’m angry….. Silence ensued, so I went to turn the thermostat down a couple of degrees….. Grrrrr.. the struggle is real man……

Digital camera history is very much like the early personal computer history. But Carol’s statement of “since they were available” is incredibly vague. A person could get a digital camera as early as 1975 technical, the year all to components were combined and patented. The first practical digital cameras date from the early 1990s, but they cost many thousands of dollars even then. It was not until the late 1990s that one could get a decent image size (over 640×480) for under a thousand dollars – a lot for a person one year “out of high school” but not impossible. This would place her high school graduation somewhere around 1997.

Technical threshold for personal digital cameras:
In 1994 Apple unveiled the QuickTake 100, the first digital camera for under US $1,000. ($998.00) Manufactured by Kodak for Apple, it had a maximum mono-chrome resolution of 640 by 480 pixels and could only store up to eight images at that resolution.

Oh, I had almost forgotten about that one.
It is still on the list of early Apple products we [bro mostly] don’t have in our accumulation. Not a collection since everything is in boxes scattered over several locations and nothing is labelled.

It’s intentionally vague so that it’s not tied to a very specific time. Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t have even referenced Onlyfans because most websites like that have a lifespan of 5 years or so. Which ties them to a very specific point in time. If you leave time vague people who read much later after the original posting will assume that “this is about now”.

The variance in Thomas’ eyebrows is quite a trip here.

He’s finally on some ground where he can come back with something. That’s got to be a relief for him. He’s been on the back foot since this whole Jonlyfans thing got started. First Jo, then Nina, now Carol. Got to be rough for Thomas here.

Mr. Furious calmed down, and still had the strength to do what he needed when the time came. Though I guess he was pretty angry at that instant.

When (I’m assuming the when) Thomas sees the pictures Jackie uploaded today to the Patreon his head is just going to totally explode.

If you haven’t subscribed yet, a) shame on you, and b) you can see a hint of what the pictures she’s talking about might be like

For the record, those images should not be considered canonical. Much like this entire filler arc shouldn’t really be either.

Well your comic so you get the final word, but I’m not sure how this can’t be canonical when Carol has brought out her big guns ;-)

I always feel a little nervous, when Carol brings out her bombshells. *looks at Carol again*
Are they bombshells?…Or are they giant tanks???

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