1649 Concealer.

In possession of all the cards Alex decides to lay them on the table.
When I designed Alex originally she was an outlet for ideas outside of the comic. I wanted to touch on furries at some point, but didn’t have a clear idea of that apart from a general premise. Then things went wrong and I had no time for anything extra, and those ideas piled up. Luckily I realized that Alex could fill several rolls and serve multiple purposes beyond her original function. I love drawing her hair. Under her hair I always draw her eyes in the sketch so her body language matches her head, and the proportions are right. So Only I really know how expressive her eyes are all the time. I’m glad I took the chance on her.


When you’ve taken the time to focus on particular characters, I’ve found something to like about them (even Reggie). Alex is no different. That’s the kind of work I like in any kind of series.

I like how what John said could be interpreted as “It’s not thinly veiled jealousy! It’s rather open and blatant, thank you.”

Wait, it wasn’t what he intended to say ? Because that’s how I interpreted from the get go, since he’s correcting the adjective rather than the jealousy itself…

I’m not quite sure what they mean.
By jealousy, to they mean-

1- John is jealous that Alex is dating Reggie [and Alex isn’t dating him],


2- Maddie is jealous, that Alex is dating Reggie?

I really like this page.
I dislike pointing this out, but I guess you mean: “…still [gonna] go out with him?”

Don’t dislike that, man! Cherish every moment you can get to correct the authors on spelling and/or grammar! You don’t know how many times I wanted to do that to DC and Marvel Comics alone…

Just remember that at times the “character” will be using natural language where grammar and diction become casualties, like squirrels on the road.
Now if it is the narrator, that then deserves the focused ire of a thousand thousand grade school teachers.

Heh, heh! Yeah.
I knew a grade school teacher who hated Popeye, for saying words like: “bring”, “brang”, and “brung”. ;)

I like all this stuff personally~ however, ever since mike and ed bumped into uber D&D DM, I am really waiting for that arc to come to light~ (all in due time and with patience of course, I know it can’t/won’t be rushed, but the rpg arc is gonna be a hoot)

” I’m glad I took the chance on her. ”
Me, too. Here’s hoping she becomes a more important character, or at least a more often seen one.

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