1400 Leggy.

Nina is very kindly going easy on Ed. She’s not going her full stride. I hope the image makes that clear. Hers would be much longer than his, and she doesn’t want to be too hard to catch…

I almost forgot what day today was. I was sitting here and suddenly realized I needed to set up the post for Wednesday. I’ve been derping around all day with the Teen so I got sidetracked.

I’ve been playing Splatoon in the evenings. Well, the early morning really… BetweenFailures if you have a wiiu. I even managed to get two of the 3 Amiibos for regular price. The third, which is a green squid, may not be sold separately. I’m not sure. Hopefully it will be because The 3 pack is over double shelf price after market. The custom gear you get and the extra missions are neat.

It’s a hard to explain game in some ways. People have been trying to simplify it down to being Nintendo’s call of duty, but it’s not. It’s amazingly clever and offers real depth of strategy and skill if you look for it. The ranked battles are very frustrating. I haven’t really figured out how to advance in them very well. Every time I think I have a strategy that works the whole tone of the game seems to shift, or the other players adapt faster than I can. I like it, but it’s harsh. If you lose you get nothing, so that time you could have been leveling your gear, or earning money for stuff, is lost. On balance though, even if you lose a few times in a row, you make money faster in one match than the same time spent on turft wars.
Hopefully they use some of the single player levels in the multiplayer at some point. Anyway, if you want to battle with me message me someplace and let me know you’re playing.

I Should be getting to the last patreon drawings soon, and the last ones for this month as well. In case you were wondering where yours is. I’m on it. Thanks for your patience.


The fact that the Squid can’t be bought on its own in America is annoying. Made even more so when other countries CAN buy it by itself. Really damn annoying. If it helps, Toys-R-Us and Wal-Mart -might- have the 3-packs still. If anything, GameStop’s also been restocking their supplies online, so if you really don’t mind having two copies of two of them, then you’ve got choices other than re-sellers.

But yeah, its already known that they are going to use a few of the single player levels in Multiplayer. Some of them already are in use, such as the Urchin Underpass and Saltspray Rig. I just don’t expect to see any new content just yet though. After E3 perhaps.

I just belatedly realized that Ed is a Hero of the Mind. Knight of Mind perhaps?

It’s just a generic Mind hoodie he probably bought online. He (the character Ed) is probably a homestuck fan.

I’m honestly having trouble placing a good classpect for Ed. I’m not sure if he’s really done enough in the comic to have a good indication of one, despite being one of the first characters to be introduced. I may have to read the backlog to get a feel for him again. I mean, a lot of the other characters seem pretty clear cut to me, at least from as aspect point of view.

Thomas is a Blood hero, one who accomplishes things through his relationships, promises, and obligations. He balances this with his struggles with his sense of freedom, direction, and purpose; the properties of the opposite aspect, Breath (basically the entire premise of Between Failures). You could even say that Thomas found true balance between Blood and Breath the moment he kissed Carol. He found freedom (Breath) from the shackles that bound him (his work, and to some extent his exgirlfriend), and establish a meaningful relationship with someone he cares about (blood). I would put him as the Heir of Blood (One who invites change in relationships, or one who invites change using relationships), as it seems that his long term goals is to not only to establish relations between all the characters, but to have those relations bring the store into good standing.

Jolene is a Hero of Heart, as she is one who is focused on her inner self. She struggles with the opposite aspect, Mind, as she tries to find balance with her outer self. She’s almost certain a Thief of Heart, one who takes the “inner selves” of others and makes it her own. Not only does she take “essence of ones personality” from characters in movies, she also seems to have a knack for ease dropping on highly personal details of the other characters.

Reggie is Doom (rules, restrictions vs Life’s compulsion). Jess is Life (indulgence vs Doom’s restraint). Even Mike seems to be Light Hero (authority/agency vs Void’s unimportance).

I could see Ed as a Mind hero, one whose focus is on decisions and logic(as oppose to Heart’s impulsiveness and emotions). Of course, it could just be a hoodie that he likes (I wear a homestuck Tauros tshirt despite being an Aries).

Yeesh, I’m sorry this got long. I’m heavily invested in some classpect theories, and even use it as a writing tool to figure out the motivations of characters and events.

I love this kind of stuff. Looking into the homestuck deep lore is fun, as is applying it to other works.

That being said I still cringe about homestuck-trash-ing all over a webcomic about a college hockey team. In my defense my tipping point was a character in a black jersey with a spade on the front who could definitely be argued to be the kismesis of one of the main cast.

(Ransom and Holster are ABSOLUTELY moirails, though.)

I read too many dang webcomics; I know because I understand everything in this conversation perfectly.

I agree with the moirail bit entirely. I’m not entirely convinced that KP’s around enough to qualify properly as a kismesis tho.

Just keep a few paces behind her ed and enjoy the view, you’ll be fine. Heck, if she does think you have 3 legs, she’d probably [insert random harry potter sexual innuendo reference here]

I am so bad at being clever at this time, I shouldn’t even try…

Am runner with amateur runner girlfriend, can confirm.

Da booty presents a solid motivation for sub-5:30 miles.

As in she’s not going to be too aggressive with him. I hope. Ed deserves happiness after the couple matching that’s happened.

There’s a lot to be said about this page. I love panel one, from the detail of the booty cleft all the way to the soft and incredibly well rendered sunrise going on behind her, but the perspective seems kind of off. It might be the floppy, loose neck top, but her chest looks all kinds of melted.
The humor’s nice and light, like a good warm-up should be, and it’s well written dialogue, in addition to well-drawn running form. The only other hiccup I got caught up on was how voluminous Nina’s hair is in the last panel, where it billows out behind her like a cape, while also changing length from the previous panel. I would like to know, also, what time of year it is when this takes place.
All in all, a smashing new page.

Feels like a Chihuahua chasing after a Great Dane. Poor Ed.

Struck me as more of a corgi chasing a grey hound scenario.

Ed’s more stocky but short than scrawny.

I was thinking more of a young Logan/Wolverine in build, following…well, almost any female hero in marvel you want to name.

Ed wouldn’t have a hope of keeping up with Nina if she hit full stride. Her legs nearly come up to his chest!

His face would hit her shoulder blades if she suddenly stopped mid-run. An extremely painful (or at least disgusting) scenario. Of course, that may not be unpleasant for him, considering the pheromones which this statuesque blond must be gratuitously permeating from her every pore. And the excitement that will be ever more so expressed by Ed’s third leg…

…Godspeed, little man, and may willpower help to keep you in Nina’s grace!

Go Ed, Go!

Few things in Life are as pleasant as chasing girls/boys that run away … slowly ;)

Especially the ones that pull too far ahead to catch up and yet find a way to happen to be right underneath you when you slip and fall.


One could say the Ed/Nina ship is a battlecruiser. All ahead, slooow.

Panel three. So much innuendo…

Gotta say I’m a little worried that there may be too many couples forming.
It’s…too easy. Stories require drama and some of our ‘ships’ are liable to sink.

Well, we know that Brooksie and Jess may not turn out well, and the courting network for Alexandria and the Furry Club will be an amusing sideshow at best. However, let’s remember that Nina has been misled by Thomas’s pseudo-loyalty to store policy. So we have a few years of flesh untouched by other suitors, and thus a very lustful blond who clearly is attracted to a steadfast dwarf. Not to mention her interest in his life history and sibling dynamics, which may only increase her affection for him.

But for now, let’s pray that Ed can still compete with a giantess in the Athletics department.

Sure,Drama may be Life with all the boring bits edited out.

But Drama; much like Adventure. is only exciting when it happens to someone else.

Having a relationship that actually starts without all that over done stress is a great start.

So much win,
Where to begin?

This is, perhaps, one of the all-around best episodes to date. The word play, the art… just, wow.

“Nina is very kindly going easy on Ed. She’s not going her full stride. I hope the image makes that clear. Hers would be much longer than his, and she doesn’t want to be too hard to catch…”

Oh my gosh, all those double meanings…

You want to chase a woman who’s a better runner than you. That way, if you catch her you know she wants to be caught!

I dunno, some of the fastest people I know are short. They may not have a long stride, they can sure get those legs moving!

“Why are you lagging so far behind?”

“Oh um, you know…haven’t ran in a while…taking it slow enjoying the view.”

Come on homedog, just do the belt trick. It’s gonna be okay.

Unless of course your elastic isn’t strong enough to hold your dick in place. In that case, I’m so sorry Ed. You should probably try to keep pace with her.

Oh, man. Hopefully, this is a shorter run, or not in the heart of summer, or Ed could be in for some rather painful chafing.

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