It’s a lot easier to not be tempted to abuse power when you hadn’t considered it an option. The fact that he hadn’t even considered it shows he’s either really dumb or at least fairly decent, now that he’s aware of the option we get to find out just how decent he is. I’m personally hoping he continues to prove his moral character.

TBF John is never depicted as terribly intelligent, and his moral character has always been at least a little flexible. That said, he also seems to be taking his new position more seriously than much of anything before, so we’ll see!

I think the fact that if he does abuse his power, he’ll lose some of Thomas’s respect. That in itself seems to be the motivating factor for being a somewhat decent manager.

Given the history strips a little while back, John strikes me as grounded and self-reliant. He’s been a very decent guy as far as we’ve seen but you can’t be a sucker if you live that life so maybe he’s less accomodating in some situations.

I’d guess John likes Thomas but can ultimately live without him if the situation demands it. At least for now; maybe he’s taken the bait of friendship and is slowly being reeled in.

Here’s a possible twist: John starts dating Madison instead. Mmm, perhaps implausible. But it’d be a hell of a twist.

Glad that John (even if unintentional in this situation) can keep a strict work focus mindset on hand when he needs to do his job of management. Trait that’s slowly disappearing in the workforce lately

Bug Bites on ma Chubbeh Lehgs is why I don’t wear shorts anymore.

Also ’cause I have pretty ugly legs. :(

And my allergies generally only try to murder me at night for some reason.

Chigger bites, the bane of life in the South.

What was Thomas worried about?

Was he thinking John might browbeat Reggie, for no reason?

Or just deny him hours and shift his workload to Wes. An act that would, IMO, be more devastating to Reggie than a browbeating. It’s one thing to be yelled at and called useless. It’s entirely something else to just be de facto fired.

I haven’t had a bugbite all spring, then the day my parents invite me to go to the county fair, I get six all on mah chubbah legs.

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