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Tonight I noticed that the base files for the Jonlyfans and Carolnlyfans filler pages seem to be gone. I’m not sure what happened to them. They may be in another archive but they may just be gone. If so it’s the most base files I’ve ever lost in 16 years. Before this I’ve only ever lost one page. They aren’t technically part of continuity but it’s still sad to lose those base files. I can remake them if I ever need to, but it’s time lost to do so of course. Hopefully I just filed them away someplace and can’t remember the file name.

I can remember to remind you to support my work via patreon or subscribestar by using the links here and there about the page to navigate to them. Even though I don’t ever drive these gas prices are murdering me by way of lost support. All are punished…


Well, John may be a good person. Thomas, on the other hand…

well like Captn Mal he may have to settle for Ok, or not so bad :P

It’s hard to make a good moral stance on “less bad than the alternative.” But it can be done. I understand it’s how some politicians still have careers.

Sadly, it has been my observation that it really isn’t that hard to make a good moral stance on “less bad than the alternative” when talking about large societal problems. Hence why most politicians still have careers (that and the system is set up to be as difficult as possible to upend the existing power structures basically preventing enough genuinely good people to achieve legislative power at any given time to effect any actual positive change, just incremental change in vaguely the right direction, sure it builds over time but not nearly fast enough to be satisfactory).

The more the world sucks the easier it gets for the “least evil” to be more or less equivalent to “the most good”. I don’t think our current world *is* that bad, but we are sadly a lot closer to it than I’m comfortable with.

In saying this thing, Thomas is also kind of sneering at himself, because he’s implying: [my validation isn’t worth anything.]

That’s our Tom. Anything for fun! :D

Since today the layout of the site got warped… somehow there’s a 1350+ pixel edge on the left, and the comic itself is 3780 pixels wide, with a lot of black and the actual comic centered.
This wasn’t the case yesterday.

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