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It seems like it’s been years since I’ve gotten a page up on time. It’s probably not been as long as it feels to me. Everything kind of feels like it’s been forever to me these days. Always waiting and waiting for things to change that I have no control over. Or so little control as makes no difference. The wheels of justice seem to operate on a geologic scale.

Where have the heroes gone? The ones who can’t be bought. I don’t know, but it seems like they’ve been gone a long time. Maybe they never existed at all.

What does exist, however, is my patreon. Where you can buy ME in a sense. Is it a good deal? I’m to worst person to ask because I question the value my life in general. Other people seem fond of me though. Maybe see if any of them are around.


I’ve been having much the opposite condition, myself. Everything feels like it’s flying by at speeds I can barely understand.

Thomas and me think alike on that regard. I got pulled into the school’s office cause various kids who were picking on me had had unfortunate things happen or some were just beaten up to hell and back. I was asked if I was responsible and to hand over any evidence pertaining to the assaults.
I literally told the staff that no one with a lick of common sense committing crime would admit to it let alone leave traceable evidence.

In reality, I had beaten up a couple of them myself. Some other people that got bullied had jumped others seperately without my knowing and the last one legit got into a car accident. But this was all in the span of a couple weeks so I can see where suspicions would arise.

But yeah never leave a list, notes, riddles or anything that could be traced back to you regarding secret stuff you don’t want found out about.

If you must testify, remember these handy, Nixon/Watergate sayings:

“I do not recall that”, and “I do not remember that telephone call”.

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