2424 Cringelord.

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I almost ended this at 3 panels, but decided Reggie needed to be a little more mean to Thomas about his weird behavior. They’re just playing, but Reggie is getting to the point where he knows how to tease different people without hurting their feelings. He’s beginning to learn how to feel out a social situation a little better. He can be more natural with Thomas because they are actually very similar in certain ways. They are both amused by being a bit mean.


Reggie has always been the character I kept my eye on since the beginning of this comic. The framework setup in the starting chapters showed that some of these characters had room to grow and better themselves. Reggie has been the best of them regarding this.

Before he would just snark and sass anyone with no regard who he was talking to and now he can banter and joke in his own style while being noticeably less punchable. And he has even made strides with repairing relationships with his family and the rest of the people he hangs with. Truly character growth at its finest

Something about this one made me so happy. Thank you for your writing and drawing.

Also since you didn’t mention it. You have a patreon that people can subscribe to if they also got warm fuzzies from this comic.

Or if they don’t care for patreon, there’s also subscribestar! Another excellent choice for those who wish to keep the lights on

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