1450. Zan And Jayna.

Well, I finally completed my King Of The Hill DVD set. As inconsequential as that is in the grand design it made me really happy. KOTH is up there in my top all time favorite shows. Also it’s a show that helps me feel calm and happy. I can fall asleep to it but I also laugh and enjoy it. It also makes me think that Texas isn’t all that bad… maybe. It really seemed like the series was never going to be completed for several years. Of course you can get a lot of this stuff on streaming services, or save them to disc, or whatever, but I still like having a hard copy. Also, as I collected the new sets I saw some episodes I never saw on tv. Tom Petty plays Luanne’s husband in the late seasons, which is really fun. It’s a real shame that Brittany Murphy died. It doesn’t rule out an anniversary special, or something, but it wouldn’t be the same without her.

One of these days I should probably finish off the Family Guy sets, but since they are on Netflix I have a hard time bringing myself to care. It’s a fun show, but I don’t love it the same way as KOTH or Dr Katz. I actually enjoy all the Seth Mc Farlan cartoons, but it’s the same thing. All on Netflix. Actually I wonder how many sets of Bob’s Burgers are available. Maybe I should go that route first. Those are on Netflix and hulu too, but I know I want to own those until I die.

I finally managed to get some of the places in my back to pop back in. I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my back, especially when I try to sleep. Hopefully it’ll start to sort itself out now. My shoulder has a weird clicking sound in it still, but maybe that’ll work out now too. I felt a lot less terrible after my back popped so maybe that was part of what was making me feel so bad. It doesn’t seem to be related to my medications as far as I can tell. The dizziness seems to be down to sinus inflammation, but that it’s getting better with the Flonase so far. I also got that shit in my eye on accident, which was the worst. Don’t do that. It sucks.


That needs to be a comic in the future. We don’t need to see it, just jump-cut to Jess after we get the notion that it’s gonna go down. She could just be doing something like reading or playing a game then she suddenly stiffens up and says, “It’s happening!”

All I see is one sibling who’s truly proud of the other for donning a man’s trousers and asking a gorgeous blonde out on a date. Nail the Amazon to your heart’s content, you Lilliputian warrior nerd!

Also, I see that Wonder Twin reference in the page title, Crave. At least the Golden Age Wonder Twins, and not those from Justice League 3000, which is my favorite comedic comic book.

If you love Bob’s Burgers, for the love of god man, watch Archer if you haven’t already started. Jon Benjamin plays the titular character, David Cross guest stars in a few episodes, Kenny Loggins and Burt Reynolds also make Cameos, Aisha Tyler is great, hell, the whole cast is great. I love everything about it.

If that happens… Would it be a espiritual threesome or
if both twins are tagging someone… Spiritual Foursome?

This feels like the start of some Japanese hentai plot. Except it doesn’t involve the guy getting climbing gear because her girlfriend’s taller than Mt Fuji.

It’s too bad Ed is so repressed. Nina has a TON of work to do before we get to see the drunken Ed / Nina / Jo / Jess dogpile we’ve all considered in the last month or so.

Texas is… Well it’s Texas. Pretty fun but definitely interesting. I live in San Antonio so it’s fun. Good food, good people, and always a reason to celebrate. Lots of Mexican influences. I hate country but expect it in certain atmospheres.

Bob’s Burgers and King of the Hill are both pretty good, but I’m one of those people who think Family Guy was much better pre-cancellation. When it came back it seemed like all the good parts of the show were cut off and left to die, while everything bad became twice as strong.

Yeah, Family Guy was much more charming before, now it’s basically trying to be as offensive as possible.

Like real, I could see an episode where Meg gets brutally raped, then everyone mocks her because the “Meg’s the most bland/normal character and therefore probably not liked/noticed by the audience” joke has be run into the ground like 14 consecutive times, and she kills herself and it’s played super straight and peter farts on her casket and then magic brings her back and she’s like “NO NO NO” and it just goes back to normal never brought up again.

I would be shocked if that didn’t happen.

Also I don’t see the appeal of Bob’s Burgers, the art style is bland and the characters are really boring. Really surprised it got more than one season. Though I guess I’ve seen worse things be successful and really success is all about luck.

Yeah that sounds like Family Guy.
I just got to ask, has anyone watched any of the Disney channel stuff? Seriously. Phineas and Ferb is one of my favorite animated shows ever, and Gravity Falls is pretty good to. Star vs. The forces of evil is pretty entertaining to.

King of the Hill is a very droll show, and it does accurate depict some problems in Texas like the backward education system. And how Snow is a sign of the end of days. XD

The only things that really suck is that the government wants to make sure disabled kids die, like just… set them on fire we need money for Greg Abbot’s solid gold dick statue it’s gonna be fantabulus.

That and you really don’t want to have medical problems here, like real, don’t retire here, cuz the hospitals will try to kill you and the caregivers will rape you.

Everything else is pretty great, but those bad things are pretty detrimental. Hopefully we’ll rise up and take back the government, or at least start a civil war.

I dunno, I’m pretty upset about it.

Have you ever thought of going to go see a chiropractor? A lot of people (ancient Chinese medicine, people that use all the “essential oils” and things) believe that many problems can be solved by putting your spine in alignment.

You could sleep better, headaches are gone, swelling can go down, etc…

No one is strong enough to do it. I’m so tense all the time it basically has to fix itself because no one can manipulate me. My regular guy is a huge dude, but he can’t get anything to move. Even more so move that he had heart surgery…

It could just be that you haven’t found the right person yet. My dad is a big guy, 6′ 6″, and he had the same problem. He was super tense and no one had enough strength to pop his back, even guys similar in size. Turned out he didn’t need someone big, he just needed someone GOOD. He goes to one now who’s a tiny Asian lady, she looks like she’s the size of one of his legs, but she can get him in shape in no time.

I agree. I’m pretty big myself, and my chiropractor is an itty-bitty Korean woman.
I once believed that chiropody wasn’t a valid treatment, until I finally went to one in desperation for my back. I was in so much pain that it took me over fifteen minutes to get out of my car and walk 20 yards to her office.
When I walked out of her office I was in… no… pain… whatsoever.
A lifetime of back problems, and I haven’t had any since.

I had exactly the opposite experience. Was in so much pain I couldn’t even stand up straight. The chiropractor pushed and prodded and declared me fully aligned.

No difference whatsoever. I had to slide off the table to get my feet under me. The “doctor” said that whatever was wrong with me, it wasn’t my spine, because it was now in great shape.

Yeah, whatever. I still think chiropractic is so much snake oil (again: personal opinion). Especially when I hear of friends having to go see them up to three times a day. At over $100 a pop. Who’s zoomin’ who?

Yeah, Ed. You be sure and TAG that girl… TAG.HER.HARD. Can I watch?

I do like that Golden Girl. She is one riotous incitement to lust, but she’s cool, clever and funny, too.

Ed is also a favorite.

Eww. Just eww! I’m so glad I never dated anyone my sister knew. I always waited a few months to introduce any girlfriends them to the family.

In re: KOTH:
Peggy, Bill is the saddest thing than can happen to a human being.

Aww, Ed is getting more comfortable discussing sex with his sister. As a younger brother with an older sibling I really have to commend you for your depiction of the Lincoln siblings.


Rusty Shackleford is best pony.

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