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My mother has been listening to many books about genetics, paleontology, and other related topics. I have been picking up snippets of these subjects by proximity. With twins, even if they are fraternal, it’s still very possible for them to share cells between themselves and their mother. In fact, mothers regularly share cells with their offspring that live on inside them in some cases till the end of their lives. They can do things like interfere with cancer, or repair damage, and so on. It’s interesting, and a little scary in some cases.

For instance, it is now known that you can transfer cancer between people and animals. It’s not easy at this point, but it has happened. Tasmanian devils have actually been transferring a cancer between each other, via fighting, that is decimating their population.

The intricacies of the cellular world are daunting.

Anyway, I won’t frighten you with further tales like the ones above. Though I certainly could… I will simply remind you that support links are above as well and I hope you have a nice Wednesday & Thursday before we meet here again. For the time being I wish you well.


That would be an awkward power.

Personally, I feel like this could be an easy cure for the change-based melancholic worry that Jess started opening up about on page 2648. It would be difficult to be melancholic about much if you are intermittently beset upon by sudden onset (insert unnecessary words here) joy.

Wondertwin POWERS!…Um,…hold it…[don’t] tell me what’s going on!

She already told him she wanted to feel it when it happened (see post above for the link), so I’m pretty sure she will want to know EXACTLY what went on!

You bet. :)

I just hope that their, “magic twin powers”, don’t make her feel his negative feelings as well, like when he goes to the beach, + accidentally sits on a scorpion, or something.

In other words- I was making a joke about the Hanna-Barberra (sp?) superheroes, The Wondertwins.
Cheers. :)

Didn’t know for cancer, but makes sort of sense. Knew kittens can be from a different father than their litter mates, and cells can swap from one growing kitten to another, so a single kitten can have traits from two different fathers.

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