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I’m not sure I should title the pages anymore, because this one is going to be hard to outdo.

Going to the dentist tomorrow, or I guess today when you’ll be reading this. I missed my last scheduled cleaning because of whatever disaster was going on at the time. I generally don’t have many problems with my teeth not being clean, so I’m usually in and out quick. Although the cost of dental work of any kind is getting out of control. At the rate things are going I may have to abandon my teeth to their fate and hope they last till my death. I have found that using a specific kind of plastic toothpick reduces a lot of dental problems. A person could use any toothpick I imagine, I just happen to like a specific kind because it fits my gum shapes. After my wisdom teeth were removed my teeth spaced themselves out so much that things rarely get stuck between them and when something does I can’t help but notice. Although the other day something did get lodged in a way that caused my gums to become inflamed until I removed it. It was very strange because the reaction was acute and caused by something I’m most certainly not allergic to. Still, my gums swelled noticeably in that spot. They went back to normal after about fifteen minutes of me noticing and cleaning the area properly. Just one of those odd things, I guess.

Anyway, hopefully it will be cloudy but there won’t be inclement weather. It’s that time of year in the midwest and I prefer to stay in my hidey hole if the wind is going to try and kill people. I hope you all have a pleasant time until next we meet. Until then, watch the skies.


“…because this one is going to be hard to outdo.”
Unlike my usual behavior, I’m choosing to leave this line alone.

Anticlimatic-ism, you are a harsh mistress, sometimes.

“Elder Wand”. *Snerk* that’s so fucking dorky it’s adorable. Though tbh in surprised she didn’t go with the “Whomping Willow”.

These two are precious together.

Miss a week and look what happens. Things get entirely out of hand.
Of course I was talking about flossing, what did you think I meant?

This was the best.

Great love scene, 10/10 title, expository anecdote on medical stuff we can all get behind.

My dental hygienist was worried when I told her I used toothpicks. She was relieved when I told her they were plastic. She was worried about splinters from the usual wooden ones. This seems to be a situation where plastic isn’t a cheap substitute for something natural.
The ones I use are contoured and were sold by Rotadent. Being plastic, they can be washed and re-used until they get too soft and flexible.

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