668 Scott’s Principle.

My obsession with scarves is well documented in these pages. Had I given totally in to it every character would have one as part of their outside gear. I was able to restrict it to the twins. I believe this is the first time Jess has been seen in her full outside clothing in color. Most every character has a long coat because you just can’t get away with a cape these days. I’ve long lobbied for their return, but there you go. The world simply isn’t prepared to return to the time of epic capes.

I had a weird dream this morning. I don’t remember it well because I got distracted and forgot to remember it. All i remember now I getting really angry over something and bashing a bunch of stuff with a golf club, or croquet mallet, or some such thing. It was at some kind of dinner held in a convention hall. Everyone was eating at those shitty fold up tables with the plastic tops.


Huh, she looks sort of weird with pants on.

And I think the scarves look nice.

Thank you, I’m glad you think so.

“Nice” doesn’t even cover it. Tall girl, glasses, neck covered, longcoat, supernice hair… almost the closest thing to visual perfection possible.

Shame she probably has a nasty accent… BUT in a purely visual medium, I can pretend she doesn’t.

(It seems fairly standard for us Brits to hate american accents as much as the americans love ours. Varies from one person to the next… but I mostly dislike american accents. One of the reasons I always leave it lower-case. Generally fine with most Canadian accents though.)

Darn. For a minute I thought you were going with a Harry Potter-esque scarf color scheme, what with Ed’s Slytherin silver and green.

Well, Ravenclaw is blue and gold… so Jess’ scarf is kinda Harry Potter-esque… in a muted kind of way.

Actually, Ravenclaw is blue and bronze (or is it copper? I think it’s bronze), so with it being blue and orange I think it’s close enough. XD

Although Ed having specifically a Slytherin scarf wouldn’t make too much sense since he lets his emotion override his ambition…

…the Star Trek reference is win. For the record. I know nothing about Dr. Who or scarves. Being from central Texas, the idea that a scarf is anything more than an affectation a couple of months out of the year is sorta odd. But your characters look good with the scarves on.

Scarves always have, and always will rock! Admittedly, I’m more partial to the Tom Baker style scarf myself, but whenever I tried wearing one like that I ended up tripping over it. C’est la vie, I suppose.

Massively anticipating Star Trek 2, er… Star Trek 2 the second? The second Star Trek 2, but not the one that’s Next Generation? The second first Star Trek 2? Dammit! How do the people at Paramount live with themselves…

I love that belt. All she needs is a mask and WHAM! Instant superhero.

Let me guess, she carries around some Bat-shark repellant in one of the pouches.

And I think I’ve got a cape somewhere. I know I got some robes, but not sure on the cape.

The squares don’t open on that belt. They’re just metal squares. I saw one like it in a store once, except it was black. It would be way cooler if it had compartments though…

Superhero. Yeah! That’s the ticket, but remember, “No capes!” Do you remember Thunderhead? Tall, storm powers? Nice man, good with kids. November 15th of ’58! All was well, another day saved, when… his cape snagged on a missile fin! Stratogale! April 23rd, ’57! Cape caught in a jet turbine! Metaman, express elevator! Dynaguy, snagged on takeoff! Splashdown, sucked into a vortex! No capes!

Sorry. The opportunity was too good to pass up. I like the scarves and long coats, myself. Much cooler.

Hmmm, maybe some form of quick release mechanism is in order. Or make it out of a material that tears really easily. That way whenever I’ running away and a villain tries to grab my cape to trip me up it’ll just tear off. The villain will lose his balance and I’ll capture him. It’s perfect.

Yes, that’s an age-old defense mechanism: certain animals have been using it with their tails for a loooong time.

Ah yes, scarves. I, myself, am one with the scarf. It goes everywhere with me. I love my scarf, since it’s somewhat similar to a Tom Baker scarf, if not nearly as long or colourful.

Oh, shpoo.

I spent at least twenty minutes trying to research Scott’s Principle, getting exactly nowhere. Okay, Scott Adams of Dilbert fame coined The Dilbert Principle, a modification of the Peter Principle. Lawrence Peter dictates that personnel in an organization are promoted until they become incompetent; Adams says that idiots are promoted because they are incompetent.


@Jayin‘s comment about, “the Star Trek reference…” Montgomery Scott. I think it’s from one of the movies. I live by a variation this principle, at least professionally. An old boss, who was otherwise a toad, told me to multiply any time estimate by 250% (okay, she said, “Double your estimate and add 50%,” but she wasn’t good at algebra).

And please, let’s not start another endless discussion about whether Edna ‘E’ Mode was based on– or voiced by–Linda Hunt (currently of NCIS Los Angeles fame).


Scotts Principle was established in Star Trek 3: Search for Spock. Kirk asked Scotty how long till he could have the Enterprise repaired and Scotty replied that it would take 8 weeks, but since he didn’t have 8 week he’d have it done in 2.

Kirk then asked if Mr. Scott had always multiplied his repair estimates by a factor of four.

Mr Scotts answer “Of course sir. How else do you expect me to keep my reputation as a miracle worker?”

On different note, is Jess wearing fracking Ginormous platforms or is she just waaaaay taller then Ed? Or was it just a drawing goof?

@Torroes Prime–

You get today’s Jolene Brooks Award for Movie Mastery.

Here’s the deal — Jess is way taller than Ed, but I’ve noticed something related. In High School, I was only about 5’9″ as a Junior (I hit 6′ after graduation), but I went out with a girl who was 5’11”. She always wore platforms (they had just become popular for the first time — a dead give-away how old I really am). My most recent lady friend is a 6’2″ Farmer’s Daughter — in every sense of the phrase — who also insists on wearing stacked heels, except when she’s on duty (most R.N.s wear sneaks). I won’t comment on either womans’ positional preferences in this venue…


WAHOO! All those years of being a lazy bum watching movies pays off at last!

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock was also Nimoy’s first direction of a Star Trek picture. When asked if he wanted to reprise the role of Spock, Nimoy has been quoted as stating “You’re damned right, I want to direct that picture!”

Ha! Take that Brooksie! :P

is she wearing motokos clothes, but with a jacket, and actual pants?

I’m not sure who that is without looking it up, so probably not. I don’t know the right name of what she’s wearing as a shirt, but it’s the same shape as a one piece swimsuit.

Kusanagi Motoko is the first name coming to my mind here. (But then I AM that big a Ghost in the Shell fan.)

Yet since what she’s wearing there looks like a bodysuit to me, I can kinda see where that would have come from.

Cool!!! This is the first comment on this site… I love this!!! I just gotta say… I live in New Mexico, and there is a small family store that makes multi-layered scarves that open up to a tiny bit smaller than cape-sized. They have small magnets sewn into the edge and middle (Not noticeable) and work well. I used to go trick-or treating in one! (Bright red- works for many heroes, and also for old-style dracula!)

Also, I took a thick Kevlar belt (Construction grade- you can sit at it with a razor for hours and not fray it) and added small metal sleeves to it. No top on them, but you can fit a cellphone in one and about 4 are accessible in front. (I’m a nerd- I got a blackberry, a plam lifedrive, and also a PPC modified with an Intel Atom processor and runs touch-screen Windows 7 Netbook optomized.). I needed it to carry my junk, but it works out real nice for a batman-impersonation.

I loves it, the precioussss….

Computer: Please enter program.
Scotty: The android at the bar said you could show me my old ship, let me see it.
Computer: Insufficient data. Please specify parameters.
Scotty: The Enterprise, show me the bridge of the Enterprise, ya chattering piece of-
Computer: There have been five Federation ships with that name. Please specify by registry number.
Scotty: NCC-1701. No bloody A, B, C, or D.
Computer: Program complete. Enter when ready.

Picard: You know, the first ship I ever served as captain on was a freighter called the Star Gazer. She was overworked, underpowered, always on the verge of flying apart at the seems. In every messurable way, the Enterprise is superior. But there are times, when I would give almost anything to captain the Star Gazer again,

Scotty: Ah, it’s like the first time you fall in love. You never love a woman quite like that again. To the Enterprise and the Stargazer – old girlfriends we’ll never meet again

Any other quotes we want to pull up from ‘Relics’ ?

My favorite quote from the episode “Relics” is – “Oh, I may be captain by rank… but I never wanted to be anything else but an engineer.”

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