869 Why Do Her Eyes Change Color?

Jolene has been an interesting character to experience. A lot of people were shocked when color was added and she wasn’t white; further so when she had blue hair. They have been continually confused by her cameleon eyes as well. It’s really odd to me that some people don’t make the logical leap to color contacts. They must still be fairly rare in some places. I always intended to get around to explaining it in the actual comic, but it was never a big priority. Over the years it’s been a big question, right behind Carol’s measurements. Now there’s a place to point people to so I don’t have to keep explaining it.

Since I’m kind of at a hub point in the overall story, are there any things you’d like me to explain in particular? Random things about the cast that you’d like clarification about or anything? If they aren’t already part of an existing script I’ll stick them in here and there.


Yay! I was right about the contacts. Though I’m curious about her true eye color… it does sort’ve cheapen her a bit to know that her eyes don’t naturally change color… bittersweet victory I suppose..

Huh, I hadn’t even noticed until you pointed it out just now that her eye colour changes every so often. Or that her ears are pierced.

As far as questions about the comic go, there are only really two things bugging me. First, from way back at the end of the first “day”, why WAS Carol trying to drive John up the wall, unless it was Carol just being Carol?

Secondly, I’ve been trying to figure out if Nina is right or left handed, or ambidextrous. Back when Carol sent her and Ed for icecream near the start, there’s a panel or two that have her carrying something in her left hand. Yet when Reggie points her out to Wes, she’s using her right hand to read. I know neither of those things are as decisive as say, writing, but I think most people would tend to favour their main hand in those situations.

Keep in mind that she does other tasks while reading, though.

That is true. I’m not sure if that points to her being left-handed, right-handed, or ambidextrous though. On the one hand, left. On the other, right.

(Now the question is, is left-handedness right, left, or wrong?)

I expected her eyes to be… what’s the term… melated? My dad has that. Basically, your eyes have a prismatic effec that changes their colour depending on the lighting. But I guess changeing lenses and such would explain it, too. Although a somewhat more.. mundane answer.

Yeah, I do believe I’ve only seen colored contacts twice, and that was back in high school; they’re kinda rare to me.

Better question : Why does Brooksie wear contact lenses rather than glasses?

That is another strike against her from my perspective… along with the smoking.
No matter what the fans may have to say on the matter, I kinda find her annoying.
Actually, I probably find her more annoying BECAUSE she is the most popular.

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